Chrome Remote Desktop App Released by Google Today

Just moments ago we alerted everyone that Google has released the stock Android camera to the Play Store. That alone is pretty exciting news especially since it also included a number of UI enhancements and additional features. Apparently that isn’t all Google pushed out today though. While cruising through the Google Inc developer page we noticed another app that we haven’t seen before, Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android
Like the name would suggest, it is an app that allows you to remote into your PC through your phone or tablet. This is nothing new as there are a number of companies that offer this ability like PhoneMyPC or TeamViewer.

In order to give Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app a run, you will need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop to your Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, open it up and walk through the simple setup including a 6 digit pin code.

Chrome Remote Desktop
From there, install the app on your tablet and/or phones and open it up. You then see a list of PC’s you can access, all dependent on which ones you have the web store app installed on of course.

Chrome Remote Desktop Android Chrome Remote Desktop Android
I played around with it a little bit and it seems to work just fine. It even pulled both monitors displays to my Xperia Z. You can pinch to zoom in and out to help you navigate around and see things a little more clearly. It does’t appear to support streaming sound and watching a YouTube video on my phone from my PC has a little lag. It is a start though.

On a side note, once the app is installed, it appears a s Remote Desktop in your app list, so go to ‘R’ to find the app. Hit the link below to go grab it for you Android device and give it a whirl.

Get it on Google Play