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Anonymous Ecuador Hacks Official Twitter Account of Ecuador President

The official Twitter account of Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa was hacked  last Thursday with several anti-government tweets spammed over the social media. The hacked Twitter account which has 1.45 million followers was found spamming messages against the government, containing links of Anonymous Ecuador’s website where official documents and emails uploaded by the hacktivists were published. The hacked account was restored…Read More…

  • By Waqas
  • Posted in Coding, Computing
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Gillmor Gang: Sign Language

The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor — barely came out of the gates before John Taschek let Comcast have it, and really you need to see the visual on this one. After the salute to the internet provider, talk circled around Microsoft’s release of Office for…Read More…

  • By Steve Gillmor
  • Posted in Software
  • Also tagged @dannysullivan, @jtaschek, @kevinmarks, @scobleizer, @stevegillmor, @tinagillmor, Chatter, chromebook, Comcast Cares, evernote, , Gillmor Gang, keynote, Netflix, Oculus Rift, office, office 365, Office on iPad, prezi, Quip, SkyDrive, , Verizon, , whatsapp

Comedian Hannibal Buress Just Got a Bunch of People To Wrap Themselves in Toilet Paper on Twitter

To promote his new special Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago premiering on Comedy Central Saturday night, Buress held an impromptu Twitter contest asking people to wrap themselves in toilet paper. Sure enough, people did it, and here they are.Read More…

  • By Glen Tickle

Twitter #music Could Be Relaunched With Improvements [Rumor]

As reported the other day, Twitter has decided to give its #music service the boot. Basically what it did was provide users with a hashtag in which they could use to discover new music, sort of like Twitter’s way of helping with the music discovery process. It was a good idea but we guess Twitter…Read More…

A Quick Primer on the Etymology of the Word “Orange” and Why They’re Sometimes Green

This morning Rob Delaney tweeted about oranges, and it made me curious about the history of the word. It had come up in an earlier article about why we call redheads “redheads” and not “orangeheads,” so I wanted to revisit it. Here’s why oranges are called oranges and why sometimes they’re green.Read More…

  • By Glen Tickle
  • Posted in science
  • Also tagged ethylene, Orange, Rob Delaney, Weird

Billboard Twitter Real Time Chart Coming Soon

Twitter seems to be on a roll recently, having introduced additional functionality to their product. Music lovers will be thrilled to hear what is coming their way as Billboard has just announced their partnership with Twitter, resulting in the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart. This is a unique chart to our time and age, where it…Read More…

Twitter Partners With Billboard To Help Expand The Reach Of Music Conversations

Twitter has announced one part of its new music strategy today, with a Billboard partnership that will result in the new ‘Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart.’ The new tool will follow real-time conversation around U.S. music, monitoring mentions of artists, albums and songs being discussed both in the moment, and over time. That data will feed…Read More…

Twitter enhances photo experience for mobile apps

Twitter this week is updating its mobile apps for Android and iOS with enhanced photo features. First, users can now attach up to four images to a tweet when composing a status update. What’s more, users can also tag up to ten friends in a photo; friends will be notified if tagged. For what it’s……Read More…

  • By Scott Webster
  • Posted in Android
  • Also tagged android twitter, , twitter apps, twitter for android

Twitter’s Sophomore Album: New Music Strategy To Focus On Conversations, Partnerships

Twitter has ditched its dedicated #Music app, the product of the acquisition of We Are Hunted, a social music discovery startup. But that doesn’t mean it’s dropping out of music altogether – the company has new plans for music tie-ins according to the Wall Street Journal, but it’s going to focus more on partnerships, conversations…Read More…

Twitter Retweet Is Now Called ‘Share’?

Twitter has come under the spotlight earlier today, where we now know that one is able to tag others in a photo without taking up any of the 140 character limit, not to mention being able to cram in up to four photos per tweet. Having said that, it seems that one of its core…Read More…

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