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DARPA Is Using Oculus Rift To Build The ‘Mega Man Battle Network’ Of Cyberwarfare

 In a surprising amount of futuristic visions of how hacking will work in the future, the experience is immersive, rather than something done hunched over a computer looking at lines of code scroll by. DARPA appears to agree with the full-body submersion vision of hacking’s future, as it’s working on an Oculus Rift-based interface for…Read More…

Google Is Building A Creator-Focused Mobile App, Channel Donations And Crowdsourced Captions

 Google’s letting YouTube creators know they’re special and important with a new Creator Preview series of videos (via 9to5Google) to keep the updated on new developments, and the first one reveals some of the upcoming YouTube-focused features the search giant is working on. Among the new developments are a creator-focused YouTube management app, new revenue…Read More…

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Review: A Dropcam Competitor That Works Well, But Lacks Charm

 It was inevitable that major OEMs would try to beat startup Dropcam at their own game, by providing inexpensive, HD IP camera for home security enthusiasts, people with babies and folks who just in general like to watch. Samsung has a few entrant…Read More…

Samsung To Launch A Tizen-Powered Smartwatch That Works Without A Smartphone, WSJ Says

 Samsung is working on a smartwatch that can make calls and manage sending and receiving texts without being tethered to a smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reports. It can also send email, and packs GPS, Bluetooth and a heart monitor, according to the paper. Basically, it’ll be a Gear 2 or equivalent that can work…Read More…

Medium Super Sizes Its iOS App With An iPad Version

 Platisher (publishing platform, natch) Medium initially launched a dedicated iOS application back in March, which is designed strictly for consumption, not for writing. Medium is ripe for a mobile app, given its focus on attractively-packaged content, but the iPad was arguably a more logical initial destination. Today, the app gets an update that makes it…Read More…

Google Said To Be Working On A Tablet With Project Tango 3D Vision Powers

 Google is reportedly working on a tablet version of its Project Tango advanced mobile vision device, to be launched starting next month with around 4,000 initial developer beta units, the Wall Street Journal reports. The tablet would sport a 7-in…Read More…

Samsung Plans A VR Headset For Its Galaxy Mobile Devices, Report Says

 Samsung is prepping an Oculus Rift competitor of its own, according to a new report by Engadget. The Korean electronics giant is no stranger to stepping into emerging market categories, and virtual reality appears to be next on the docket, as Sam…Read More…

Minecraft Xbox One, Vita And PS4 Edition Arrive This August For $19.99

 Minecraft is the golden goose, and it lays its golden eggs on all platforms. So far, it hasn’t hit the next generation of home consoles, however, but that’s set to change in August when it arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and in a new PS3 + Vita edition. Mojang announced the news today on its blog,…Read More…

Tim Hortons Launches In-App Mobile Payments For U.S. And Canada

 Tim Hortons is Canadian-born, much like myself, and it offers up affordable coffee and donuts, much unlike myself. The company has been making inroads in the U.S. market over the past few years, and today it’s introducing a feature that’s popular at major U.S. competitor Starbucks: mobile payments. The updated Tim Hortons TimmyMe app now…Read More…

Google Adds “Okay Google” Voice Search For All Chrome Users

 Maybe you already talk to your computer but now there’s even more reason to – Google has just released the latest version of Chrome, which includes “Okay Google” triggered voice searches that work automatically, without requiring any clicks or other input prompting first. Users will need to enable it once and provide Chrome permission to…Read More…

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