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Sony To Go Slimmer, Lighter, Brighter At MWC 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 is all set to kick off in Barcelona, Spain, later at the end of this weekend. Having said that, you can be sure that there will be plenty of new smartphones and other kinds of mobile devices that are in the pipeline, waiting to be revealed in Spain over the course…Read More…

VAIO Could Enter Smartphone Market

In the middle of last month, we did learn that there were a couple of devices which were announced by VAIO – the VAIO Z and VAIO Z Canvas, which do seem to shape up to be a pretty decent tablet individually. Having said that, we have received word from the grapevine that VAIO could…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Smartphones Could Feature Embedded Fingerprint Scanner In Display Soon

The South Korean biometric giant known as CrucialTek has managed to win a patent approval not too long ago concerning its embedded fingerprint sensing technology. This particular embedded fingerprint sensing technology will be able to be installed within an area on the display panel itself, and this translates to saving up more space, since there…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked Wallpaper Spotted

There definitely is something more than meets the eye when one makes available a wallpaper to a yet unreleased device – as with the HTC One M9’s leaked wallpaper – which one would then be able to make an inference to its resolution based on the number of pixels the wallpaper takes up. Having said…Read More…

New Nexus Handset To Use China Manufacturer?

Google’s range of Nexus devices have always been rather solid in their build and performance over the years, and the Nexus 6 (which you can see above) has also picked up its fair share of bouquets ever since it was released. Having said that, Google has more or less worked with different hardware manufacturers when…Read More…

Possible Nubia Z9 Appears In Video

The ZTE Nubia Z7 happens to be the existing flagship device from ZTE, but it looks as though the Nubia Z7 is about to lose its position as top dog – assuming a video that has been posted on a Chinese social media site can be believed. Granted, the rumored ZTE Nubia Z9 has made…Read More…

Acer Also Has A Wearable Lined Up For MWC 2015

Mobile World Congress is all set to kick off later early next month in Barcelona, Spain, where you can expect the many movers and shakers in the smartphone world to make interesting mentions and reveals of their upcoming projects. We do know that Acer intends to introduce a Windows 10 smartphone at MWC 2015, but…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Samsung pokes fun at Galaxy S6 rumors with official mockups

With MWC just around the corner, rumors and leaks of the most anticipated phones are popping up so fast you cannot keep track. The latest renders come from…Samsung? Yeah, that’s right. Samsung Norway has decided to turn some of the rumors about its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6, into official mockups. It is funny to……Read More…

  • By Henry Wiygul

Leaked HTC One M9 Are Real, According To Former Product Manager

Yesterday following a leaked promotional image, a trio of promotional videos made their way online which basically showed off the upcoming HTC One M9 in all of its glory. The authenticity of those videos were questioned and if you were just as skeptical, it seems that you might not need to be as Leigh Momii,…Read More…

Mercedes-Benz CEO Not Worried About Apple’s Electric Car Rumors

Apple has been known for their ability to disrupt the market despite their share of critics. Many were skeptical of the iPhone when it was first launched, and many rolled their eyes at the iPad when it was first announced as well. The MacBook Air was also met with a bit of hesitation but look…Read More…

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