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Monstrous ancient black hole is 12 billion times heavier than the sun

Astronomers have spotted a black hole from the early universe nearly 13 billion light years away, and it’s brighter and heavier than anyone expected.Read More…

  • By Ryan Whitwam
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Low-cost air filter could help Beijing breathe easy

Material scientists at Stanford University have developed a highly effective semitransparent air filter that can collect 99 percent of the very small PM2.5 particles, considered the most harmful to the human respiratory tract. The low-cost filters, which don’t require power to function, could be used to build better protective facemasks, window screens, filtration systems in…Read More…

  • By Dario Borghino
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Many Worlds Are Never Exhausted

There have been some good comments on last week’s post about the Many-Worlds Interpretation, which I find a little surprising, as it was thrown together very quickly and kind of rant-y on my part, because I was annoyed by the tone of the original Phillip Ball article. (His follow-up hasn’t helped that…) But then maybe…Read More…

  • By Chad Orzel
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  • Also tagged Physics, Physics Books, Theory

Neuroscientist Plans to Do a Human Head Transplant Soon, May Actually Succeed – Good news, everyone!

An Italian neuroscientist has a plan to make a human head transplant happen as soon as 2017, and he’ll be announcing the project at a surgical conference in June.Read More…

  • By Dan Van Winkle
  • Posted in science
  • Also tagged Futurama, head transplant, Mars Attacks!

Graphene derivative interferes with seemingly invincible cancer stem cells

While well known for its unique electromechanical properties, graphene may also prove key in preventing cancer tumor recurrence. A drawback of traditional cancer treatment with radiation and chemotherapy is that the primary developmental source of future tumors is not eradicated. Cancer stem cells, or CSCs, can survive treatment and give rise to recurring tumors, metatasis,…Read More…

  • By Heidi Hoopes
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Steerable optical nanoantennas light the way for practical lab-on-a-chip devices

Using unidirectional cubic nanoantennas to direct the output from nanoemitters, researchers at Monash University in Australia have described a method to accurately focus light at the nanoscale. The practical upshot of which is substantial progress towa…Read More…

  • By Colin Jeffrey
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Division of Labor in Science Communication

Paige Brown Jarreau, who blogs at From the Lab Bench is in the throes of writing her dissertation about science blogging, and plowing through a lot of interview data. She’s sharing some of the process on the blog, and a lot more on Twitter, where it’s prompted a good deal of discussion. One of the…Read More…

  • By Chad Orzel
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Check out the big brain on the genetically modified mouse

Scientists at Duke University have pinpointed a regulator of gene activity that could lend insight into why we’re so different from chimpanzees despite having a near-identical genetic makeup (94 per cent of our DNA is the same). When injected into a mouse embryo, the human version of a particular DNA sequence important for brain development…Read More…

  • By Richard Moss
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Love hormone shows promise as a sobriety pill by helping drunken rats see straight

Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone” due to its role in encouraging social behaviors, love and long-term bonding. Now, scientists have discovered that it might have something to offer those with weak knees of a different kind. Research carried out at the University of Sydney has established that the hormone can curtail the intoxicating…Read More…

  • By Nick Lavars
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Cesium atoms get a shake-up to create excitation in superfluid

Helium-4 superfluid is a fascinating substance. With properties that seemingly defy normal physics, it leaks straight through glass, bubbles up out of containers, flows around objects and even climbs up walls. As if superfluid helium-4 was not strange enough, in 1941 it was also predicted that it should contain an exotic, particle-like excitation – a…Read More…

  • By Colin Jeffrey
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  • Also tagged Colin Jeffrey, laser, optical lattice, Quantum, superconductor, Superfluid, University of California
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