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Amy Poehler & Tina Fey’s First Golden Globes Promo Is Here & It Is Teasing Cheese – They’re baaaaack

It’s that time of year again: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are gearing up to make your winter. Today that’s manifested in the first promo for their third and [INSERT WRACKING SOBS] final Golden Globes hosting gig. On the topic of that third engagement, I would be more interested in hearing more about Fey’s cheese…Read More…

  • By Alanna Bennett
  • Posted in science
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Things We Saw Today: Models Merged With Superheroes – HULK SMASH CLOTHES

French photographer Christophe Serrano did a series of superhero-infused photos with models. Some are very normative. Some — Hulk, for example — less so. Thoughts? (via DC Women Kicking Ass)Read More…

  • By Alanna Bennett
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Comics, dolphins, Hulk, killer whales, Models, , Photography, Princess Leia, She-Hulk, Super Mario World, superheroes, things we saw today

Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra: “Beyond the Wilds” – Pod people, crazed spirit vines, and Jinora’s captured again.

In comparison to last weeks clip-show-fiasco, “Beyond the Wilds” forward momentum was seriously satisfying. The episode did feel a bit rushed, but considering Nick pulled the rug out from under Bryke and the Avatar production team, one can’t give them flack for that. I have a feeling they had to smash two episodes into one…Read More…

  • By Carrie Tupper
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Contributors, recap, The Legend of Korra

#BlackHoleFriday, Your Sciencey Alternative to Black Friday Chaos – So holey

Stores everywhere were chaos as usual this Friday, but space has got us beat for epicness. NASA took Black Friday and used it as the jumping-off point for their second annual #BlackHoleFriday. Fun facts and awesome-in-the-truest-sense-of-the-word photos abounded.Read More…

  • By Alanna Bennett
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged black friday, Black Holes, NASA,

Christian Bale Defends Ridley Scott’s Exodus Whitewashing, Doesn’t Think It’s Weird He’s Playing Moses – Let the whitesplaining continue

The frustration around Exodus’ puzzlingly, absurdly white cast has been ongoing since, well, we all first realized how thoroughly whitewashed Ridley Scott had cast it. Well, let it continue further! On the heels of Scott’s multiple unsatisfying explanations of why he couldn’t/wouldn’t cast brown people comes Christian Bale.Read More…

  • By Alanna Bennett
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Christian Bale, Exodus: Gods and Kings, , Ridley Scott, Rupert Murdoch, whitewashing

Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “Rage of Caliban” – Kids these days.

Wow, those possessed kids are really an epidemic, aren’t they? Someone should take care of that. Where is the TIME cover story on these creepy millennials?Read More…

  • By Alanna Bennett
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Constantine, NBC, open thread, Show and Tellblazer, , Vertigo Comics

Negative Mass in General Relativity?

[Image Source:]Science News ran a piece the other week about a paper that has appeared in PRD titled “Negative mass bubbles in de Sitter spacetime”. The Science News article is behind a paywall, but don’t worry I’ll tell you everything you need to know.The arxiv version of the paper is here. Since I’m quoted…Read More…

  • By Sabine Hossenfelder

Comics 201: Crisis In Infinite Issues; Or, How To Read A Crossover Event

It’s happened to many of us: You’re reading a comic series, enjoying all the superhero shenanigans, when suddenly: BAM! random issue that has nothing to do with the story and other heroes are showing up and things are happening and what the actual hell?Read More…

  • By Jordan West
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Comics, Contributors, Crossovers, dc comics, Marvel Comics

What We’re Reading This Week Across the Web (Through Nov 29)

News trends make sense when they can be traced back to specific events, developments, or monumental moments. Other times, the minds of journalists and writers seem to collectively coalesce around some idea that is… read moreRead More…

  • By David J. Hill
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Community, crowdfunding, curation, drones, Entrepreneurship, indiegogo, jetpacks, , Silicon Valley, skynet

No, Gillian Anderson’s The Fall Is Not Just “Classy Misogyny” – It’s not sexist to talk about sexism.

On November 16, Observer columnist Rachel Cooke took the second series of BBC’s The Fall to task over her belief that the show was little more than a fetishization of violence against women. Allow me to disagree.Read More…

  • By Sarah Arboleda
  • Posted in science
  • Tagged Alan Cubitt, bbc, Contributors, Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, misogyny, Rachel Cooke, sexism, Stella Gibson, The Fall, The Observer
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