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Windows 10 Set To Offer USB 3.1 Type-C

It looks as though Microsoft has resurrected their WinHec conference, and with the agenda having already gone live, the event would open up new insights into Windows 10, which would be Microsoft’s upcoming unified operating system version. Apparently, in one of the sessions that are being held at WinHec would be known as ‘Enabling New…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Google’s deep Q-network proves a quick study in classic Atari 2600 games

In an old school gaming party to end all parties, Google’s new deep Q-network (DQN) algorithm is likely to mop the floor with you at Breakout or Space Invaders, but maybe take a licking at Centipede. Provided with only the same inputs as a human player and no previous real-world knowledge, DQN uses reinforcement learning…Read More…

  • By Heidi Hoopes
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Annoying Windows 8 features that won’t appear in Windows 10

Windows 8 was a nightmare for many consumers from day one, and largely still is. Microsoft took a risk by releasing Windows 8 hoping to lead the touch-based device market into the future. However, it was met with resistance from most users, even after …Read More…

  • By Brian Burgess

Net Neutrality Voted

Today is a day of historic proportions, as a cote took place in Washington, D.C. saw the FCC go through a vote to reclassify broadband under Title II, which in turn, will provide the regulatory body the relevant degree of authority to impose rules over broadband providers. The new rules have been specially designed to…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Check Out The “50 Best Android Apps 2015″ at TechRadar

I can remember a time where there was question whether the Google Play store (for Android) would be a success or not; especially, at a time when Apple was already established and was the ruler of the “app” market. Since that time Google Play has exploded with their proliferation of apps, for the Android platform,…Read More…

  • By Ramblinrick

Spotify For Desktop Gets Lyrics

We often see Spotify update its mobile applications and add new features in the process. On the other hand Spotify for desktop does not receive updates as frequently as the mobile apps. Now there is some good news for people who use Spotify for desktop. The music streaming service has released a new update for its desktop software…Read More…

Windows 7 ISO Download Now Available

Long time Windows users would have known by now that trying to fix issues involving Windows, or to perform a simple reinstall can end up as a real annoying experience, especially when it comes to making use of the install DVD – which some machines were sold without one of these bad boys. Thankfully, Microsoft…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee


Digital Trends is your authoritative guide to the world around us. They love, live and breathe tech and explain it to you simply and clearly; featuring editors, engineers, and marketing specialists who provide unique solutions to their advertising partners. Digital Trends is hit monthly by over 20 million monthly unique visitors and growing every month…Read More…

  • By Ramblinrick
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YouTube: 1 Billion Plus Viewers, Zero Profit

YouTube certainly has an interesting problem on their hands – they might have more than a billion viewers on the site, clearly making it one of the most popular websites in the world by far and large, but the even more amazing thing about it is, it continues to show that it is unable to…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Protect your Mac password from being bypassed

By Waqas Your MAC can be purloined and your user account and password can be bypassed by nefarious individuals for accessing personal data, wiping your system clean and becoming its owner. So how can you prevent it? Don’t get paranoid; two remedies are available for preventing intruders from taking over your MAC. 1. Use a…Read More…

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