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iPhone 6 iOS 8.3 beta 2 review look

The first beta of Apple’s iOS 8.3 was made available to developers earlier this month, and a few days ago we reported that iOS 8.3 beta 2 had been seeded to developers. We gave some details on what was included with the new beta, for example new emojis. Now we can show you a much…Read More…

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ExoLens Professional Photography System enhances your iPhone 6′s video shooting capability

So, you are more than pleased with your brand new iPhone 6, having looked on at the ads in envy after all this while, only to save up enough dough at the end of it all in order to bring home this swanky looking handset. Well, after picking up a protective case, now what? Just…Read More…

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ExoLens for iPhone 6 Unveiled & Reviewed

ExoLens is a new accessory for the iPhone 6 (and soon the iPhone 6 Plus) that provides the ability to attach external lenses to your iPhone. Included with the ExoLens kit is a 4x telephoto and a 165° wide-angle lens. The lenses attach to the iPhone by virtue of a exoskeleton frame that slides directly onto…Read More…

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Hack Makes Moto 360 Android Wear Compatible With iPhone [Video]

A developer has managed to make Moto 360 Android Wear compatible with his iPhone 6. More details and video demo can be found after the break. Continue reading this article at RedmondPie.comRead More…

iPhone 6C renders for prospective design

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S back in 2013 it also introduced a lower-cost plastic phone in a variety of bright colors, the iPhone 5C. In September last year the company revealed the new iPhone 6 along with a larger variant called the iPh…Read More…

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Windows 10 vs Android Lollipop vs iOS 8.3 bootup and benchmark tests

When new versions of operating systems make a public release or will shortly be made generally available, it’s always interesting to see how they compare. Today we’re sharing some videos of Windows 10 vs. Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8.3 in speed and benchmark testing on the Nokia Lumia 830, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone…Read More…

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iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof waterproof case wait, alternative choice

Lifeproof waterproof cases are popular choices for top devices, but even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released last September there are many still waiting for one of the Lifeproof cases to release. While the iPhone 6 Plus Lifeproof waterproof case wait goes on, an alternative choice has come to our attention. We’ve…Read More…

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Goldgenie Ushers In Year Of The Goat With New iPhone 6 Edition

You can never have too much gold – just as King Midas, and he will tell you all about it, although at the end of the day, you would not be able to enjoy a golden apple, let alone chew on one. Well, Goldgenie has apparently celebrated the Year of the Goat (for 2015’s edition…Read More…

PureGear introduces its PX360˚ Extreme Protection System for iPhone 6 owners

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and pick up an iPhone 6 for your mobile communication needs. However, you might have also wondered whether getting a protective case of sorts for the spanking new handset is well worth the effort – after all, you do not want to minimise the amount of…Read More…

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Upcoming Modern Family Episode To Be Shot Entirely On Apple Devices

When watching TV shows or movies, seeing someone use a branded product like an Apple computer or a Microsoft Surface tablet is pretty common, but to film an entire episode using just one brand’s products? That would be pretty unique, and for those who are fans of ABC’s Modern Family, the upcoming episode looks like…Read More…

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