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14 Minutes Of Mesmerizing Water Transfer Painting

Because paisley rims. This isn’t a new video, so you may have already seen it. But if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. And not some shitty Rice Krispie Treat either, a REAL treat. Like a banana split made with all your favorite ice creams and …Read More…

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Lenovo A6000 gaming testing review

The Lenovo A6000 is causing quite a stir right now, largely thanks to its affordable price matched with decent specs. It seems to be especially popular in India, but as it’s only sold there via flash sales it can be difficult to get your hands on one. If you have this Lenovo phone on your…Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner
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3G Moto E 2nd gen price for India shows up

Yesterday the Motorola Moto E (2015) was made official and it’s coming in both 3G and 4G versions. The original Moto E has been massively popular in India and the new version is likely to be another big hit. Motorola has already given a price for the 4G version of the phone in US dollars,…Read More…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge design already tackled

The smartphone world is focusing right now on MWC 2015 with the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9 all likely to be unveiled on March 1. Despite the fact that the S6 hasn’t yet been made official, some heads are already turning to the Galaxy S7 and a possible S7 Edge….Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner
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iPhone 6 iOS 8.3 beta 2 review look

The first beta of Apple’s iOS 8.3 was made available to developers earlier this month, and a few days ago we reported that iOS 8.3 beta 2 had been seeded to developers. We gave some details on what was included with the new beta, for example new emojis. Now we can show you a much…Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner

Last chance pre-order pricing on Code Black Drone, $89

One of our most popular quadcopters, the Limited Edition Code Black Drone is a perfect item for video enthusiasts, gadget-lovers, aviation fanatics, kids, Batman fans (chicks dig the drone), and just about everyone else. An inexpensive alternative to higher-priced quadcopters, this drone is fun and customize-able with beginner and expert flight modes. With its USB charging design……Read More…

  • By Shawn Collins
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Xiaomi Mi4 battery life performance compared

The Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone released last August but is a more recent arrival to the scene in India. Xiaomi handsets have been proving extremely popular recently and the Mi4 is unlikely to be an exception. Something that concerns many potential…Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner
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Windows 10 Preview for phones video look

There’s a massive amount of interest in the upcoming Windows 10 release. The new operating system version will bring a unified experience for PC’s and mobile devices, so smartphones will be running it instead of Windows Phone. If you’re wondering what the upgraded OS will offer then we have a Windows 10 Technical Preview video…Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner
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Samsung Galaxy A5 vs Galaxy S4 vs Xiaomi Mi4 app speed tests

From time to time we like to take a look at informal testing of devices and we know that many of our readers also enjoy these kinds of videos. With that in mind today we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy A5 vs. Galaxy S4 vs. Xiaomi Mi4 in app opening speed tests, and we wonder…Read More…

  • By Debbie Turner
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GuideSpark Snags $22M Series C for Developing HR Communication Tools

GuideSpark, a company that makes custom videos and multimedia presentations for human resources departments, has received $22.2 million of Series C funding, according to Linda Itskovitz, vice president of marketing. The Menlo Park, CA-based company will use the money for new hires and to develop every part of the business, from sales to product development…Read More…

  • By David Holley
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