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Notti ‘Smart Light’ Brings Customized Visual Notifications To Your Room

What do you do if you’re expecting an important call or message but can’t turn on the device’s ringer or even switch it to vibration? Well, you get a Notti. The self proclaimed “smart light” brings customized visual notifications to your world by hooking up with your smartphone through Bluetooth. It can then light up…Read More…

Fancy a smartwatch that can morph into an actual phone? Fund the .klatz

90 percent done already, this neat, minimalistically designed, long-lasting smart “bracelet” needs just $140k more to materialize. Everybody wants a piece of the wearable market. Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, even no-name hardware manufacturers based in China… or Ukraine. Of course, not all obscure, minuscule companies can afford to build a fancy smartwatch without outside……Read More…

  • By Adrian Diaconescu
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Vello bike combines rear shock with quirky folding system

Remember the baby stroller/scooter hybrid known as the Roller Buggy? Even if you don’t, its Austrian creator is now part of the team behind another unique mode of human-powered transportation. This one’s called the Vello bike, and it features a unique folding mechanism along with some other clever innovations. .. Continue Reading Vello bike combines…Read More…

  • By Ben Coxworth
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  • Also tagged Ben Coxworth, , Cycling, Folding

BottleLoft lets you keep more beer in the fridge

For those of us who like drinking beer or other bottled drinks straight from the fridge, there is never quite enough room to fit them all in, especially if you’re having a party. Which is where BottleLoft, a magnetic hanger for your refrigerator, comes…Read More…

  • By Dave Parrack
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SightCompass uses Bluetooth beacons to inform visually impaired of their surroundings

With their GPS capabilities and navigation apps, smartphones have undoubtedly made it easier for us to find our way around. The good news is we are starting to see these benefits extended to the visually impaired. SightCompass is a system that harnesse…Read More…

  • By Nick Lavars
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  • Also tagged Blind, , Good Thinking, GPS, Navigation, Nick Lavars

Prizm learns to play only music you want to hear

A group of French hardware and software engineers who tired of having to spend precious time building streaming music playlists have created a new system that aims to serve up the perfect tune every time. Not only does Prizm learn to play music based o…Read More…

  • By Paul Ridden
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Rhino Shield Crash Guard allows iPhone to survive a 24-foot drop

While there are already iPhone cases that claim to protect against drops from up to 30 feet (9 m), most of those are actually more like housings that add considerable bulk to the phone. The Rhino Shield Crash Guard, however, takes a minimalist form, wh…Read More…

  • By Ben Coxworth
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  • Also tagged Ben Coxworth, Impact, iphone case, Mobile Technology, Protection

Modular Offpiste takes triangular approach to backpack design

Over the years, the backpack has evolved slowly. It’s gained new and improved features, but it’s remained essentially the same: a dual-strapped sack. But a host of more substantial backpack redesigns over recent years, such as multifunctional jacket ba…Read More…

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Review: Gail Simone’s Leaving Megalopolis and (the Blessed Lack of) Sexual Violence – In Gail we trust.

Leaving Megalopolis manages to be a story of heroes gone bad with bloody ultra-violence… without doing the things that make me crazy and drive me away from those kinds of stories.Read More…

  • By Katie Schenkel
  • Posted in science
  • Also tagged Contributors, Gail Simone, Jim Calafiore, Leaving Megalopolis, review

Veloloop lets bicycles trigger traffic light sensors

If you’re a regular bicycle commuter, then you’ve no doubt experienced the following scenario: you’re the only vehicle going in your direction at a controlled intersection, and the light is red, but it won’t change to green because the traffic sensors embedded in the asphalt can’t register your presence. Well, that’s where the Veloloop comes…Read More…

  • By Ben Coxworth
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