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This is my rig: James Plafke’s very quiet, compact, and cool gaming PC

My previous gaming rig is only two years old, but it’s loud and hot (and thus, even louder), and it’s now summer in New York. I needed a rig that could comfortably fit in a Brooklyn apartment-sized bedroom, and would not only be quiet, but be unable to…Read More…

  • By James Plafke
  • Posted in Technology
  • Tagged components, computer building, Computing, core i5, DIY, , Gigabyte, , PC gaming, quiet pc, this is my rig, timr, z97

Android L, even as a developer preview, is magnificent (hands-on video)

Android L is available for developers (and brave users) to test. It shows off a completely new vision for Android, but the bugs should make you wary of installing it.Read More…

Dota 2 prize fund now over $10 million: Not bad for a free-to-play PC-only game

Early this morning, the prize fund for the Dota 2 International tournament crossed the $10 million mark. Remarkably, just $1.6 million of the prize fund was provided by Valve; the rest was contributed by members of the Dota 2 community who are eager to…Read More…

  • By Sebastian Anthony
  • Posted in Technology
  • Tagged Computing, dota, dota 2, esports, Extreme, game streaming, , MOBA, PC gaming, , streaming video, the international, valve

MakiBox 3D Printer Dead?

  Looks like Makible (creator of the MakiBox 3D printer) is going through some hard times. About 6 months ago we saw that they were ramping up production capacity due to the high demand for their $200 3D printer. It is hard to see a company that had such good intentions go through this struggle…Read More…

  • By Alan Parekh

Google turns on the world’s first modular smartphone, reveals more juicy details about Project Ara

At I/O 2014, Google has publicly turned on its modular Project Ara smartphone for the first time. Considering Project Ara nothing more than some pretty concept art back in October 2013, it’s impressive how quickly Google’s Advanced Technology and Proje…Read More…

  • By Sebastian Anthony


  Pyroelectro has just started a course to teach you how to use FPGA and CPLD devices. If you are currently using microcontrollers this course will give you the skills to move to the next level. There are 10 lessons in the course which will start you at hello world and quickly progress into some…Read More…

  • By Alan Parekh

ET deals: $401 off Dell Inspiron One 2020 20-inch all-in-one multi-touch PC

One of the most common complaints against Windows 8 is that in its bid to get touch-friendly, it got decidedly keyboard and mouse unfriendly. A touchscreen desktop all-in-one is one solution aimed at delivering the best of both worlds, but they tend not to come cheap. Thanks to a huge new savings though, you can now nab…Read More…

  • By Danny Shain

Carbon neutrality has failed – now our only way out of global warming is to go carbon negative

A new report highlights the fact that we’re headed for an inexorable rise in temperatures — so what else can be done to avoid catastrophic change?Read More…

  • By Joel Hruska
  • Posted in Technology
  • Tagged BECCS, carbon capture, Carbon Sequestration, CCS, Climate Change, Electricity, Energy, Extreme, Global Warming, Green, IPCC, power generation, , USA

Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis will automatically brake for speed cameras: Awesome, or a terrifying misuse of technology?

Rejoice, speeding drivers! The new 2015 Hyundai Genesis, which goes on sale around the world this year, will soon have the ability to automatically brake for speed cameras. The car will have a built-in map of speed cameras and average speed cameras, an…Read More…

  • By Sebastian Anthony
  • Posted in Technology
  • Tagged 2015 hyundai genesis, Australia, Autos, car safety, car tech, Cars, Electronics, Extreme, future, GPS, Hyundai, Hyundai Genesis, Road Safety

The internet of 3500-pound things: Big data arrives in your car

Cars represent a huge market of devices… once they’re all web-connected. Time to think about value and privacy. We attended the Further with Ford conference to learn more about what the automaker has planned.Read More…

  • By Bill Howard
  • Posted in Technology
  • Tagged Big Brother, Big Data, Extreme, Ford, Ford Sync, telematics
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