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Chrome For Android Displays Yours Answers In Search Suggestions

Google’s suggested searches are pretty convenient as it saves you time from typing out your whole query. However it seems that Google could be making your life even more convenient by displaying the results to your questions before you even ask for it. This was discovered in the Chrome browser app for Android in which…Read More…

32-Bit Chrome For Mac Bites The Dust This November

Google has formally confirmed that the 32-bit Chrome for Mac is going to meet its end this November. It will no longer release future updates for the 32-bit version of its popular Chrome web browser for Mac. On the other hand the company will continue to support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Chrome on…Read More…

Google allowing college students to borrow a Chromebook Free of Cost

It’s Back to School time, every student is getting back to their respective institutions and for the College students, Google is having something interesting to share. The company has recently unveiled its Chromebook Lending Library, which is a demo program offering Chrome OS powered Chromebooks to students for a few days. As long as Google…Read More…

64-bit Google Chrome for OS X to launch in November

The 64-bit version of Google Chrome web browser was recently made available for all Windows users and now it seems like soon the Mac OS X users will also get it. Google says that it will be launching official and stable version pf 64-bit Chrome web browser for OS X users in the month November.…Read More…

First Android apps for Chrome OS are now available

As teased at I/O 2014, Google has now released the first set of Android applications, which can be installed on Chrome OS devices.  These applications use Google’s App runtime for Chrome functionality to work on the Chrome OS. According to Google, the Android applications, which can now be grabbed from Chrome Webstore, include Evernote, Vine,…Read More…

Chrome Bug Report Points To Possible Android Release L-Name

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet – and I suppose that the same can be said for a mobile operating system. What are some of the possible names that have been put forward where the Android L mobile operating system is concerned? Some say it points to Android Lion, while…Read More…

Send SMS with your Android smartphone from any device with EndlessJabber (Review)

For years, one of the things I’ve always wanted was an easy way to be able to send text messages while on different devices, especially my laptop or desktop computer. This is one of the main reasons why services like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts have always been my go to messenger services since I could……Read More…

  • By Thomas Leskin

HP adds two new Chromebook models to its portfolio

HP has announced two new Chromebook models, which will be released in the US market next month i.e. October. Carrying the simple HP Chromebook branding, the devices will be known with the screen-sizes – 11-inch and 14-inch. Talking about the 11-inch HP Chromebook first, it is powered 4th-gen Intel Celeron N2830 processor and features 16GB…Read More…

Pinterest Tab For Chrome Offers A Fresh New Look For Chrome Browser

I am inclined to agree that our society these days tend to get bored – really, really fast. Having said that, we are always on the lookout for something new that will enthrall us and keep our attention riveted. Using the same Web browser day in and day out might prove to be rather boring,…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Chrome for Android new Update brings Material Design: Download Now

After testing it in beta, Google has finally started rolling out a new update for its Chrome Web Browser for Android. The latest Google Chrome version 37 brings lots of performance improvements, bug fixes and the much awaited Material Design to the browser. Along with the new design language, Google Chrome 37 also brings a new…Read More…

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