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Student Petitions High School To Let Him Use Cat And Laser Photo In Yearbook

This is the shot Schenectady High School student Draven Rodriguez is petitioning to be used as his senior yearbook photo. School authorities agreed the photo could appear in the yearbook, just not as his senior photo. Apparently because its Sears P…Read More…

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Google allowing college students to borrow a Chromebook Free of Cost

It’s Back to School time, every student is getting back to their respective institutions and for the College students, Google is having something interesting to share. The company has recently unveiled its Chromebook Lending Library, which is a demo program offering Chrome OS powered Chromebooks to students for a few days. As long as Google…Read More…

Look At You, Stud: Vintage Shot Of Bill Nye In 9th Grade

This is a vintage photo of a young Bill Nye doing science in 9th grade. Not to brag or anything, but I also did science in 9th grade. “You set the chemistry lab on fire.” I was EXPERIMENTING. “With arson?” I didn’t want to go to gym class next p…Read More…

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Bullet resistant Bodyguard Blanket provides duck-and-cover protection

Security blankets generally only provide youngsters with psychological comfort, but the Bodyguard Blanket is intended to provide some more concrete security. Made from ballistic materials, it is designed to provide protection from bullets in the event …Read More…

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MAT-TER designs typhoon-resistant school for the Philippines

In recent years, Gizmag has reported on several architectural projects which aim to aid those living in areas prone to natural disaster, including the Bamboo Lakou community and Blooming Bamboo home. Californian studio MAT-TER is the latest firm to thr…Read More…

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Whatever Works: Teacher Keeps Class Quiet With The Threat Of Game Of Thrones Spoilers

A Belgian high school math teacher has taken to keeping his class quiet by threatening to write the names of everyone killed in Game of Thrones on the board if anybody is unruly. Whatever, man. *tries to shoot spit-wad, accidentally swallows* As…Read More…

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NOvA and Neutrinos

Yesterday’s Grauniad blog post by Jon Butterworth about neutrino physics reminded me that I forgot to post about an important milestone in the development of the NOvA Experiment which involves several members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences here at the University of Sussex. Here’s the University of…Read More…

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Newly opened Emerson College Los Angeles blends form with function

Bringing together form and functionality in harmony is the holy grail for design of any type. The newly opened Emerson College Los Angeles (ELA) achieves just that. The building needed to be sustainable and provide spaces for education, accommodation a…Read More…

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