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This undercover fitness tracker could pass for a standard watch

Many wearable tech devices get the job done, but aren’t necessarily very good looking. It’s an image that devices like the Netatmo June, the Cuff and the Pebble Steel are trying to change. Well, you can add the new Withings Activité watch to that list, as it squeezes some fitness tracking functionality into what’s otherwise…Read More…

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Dolby Atmos sound is coming to your living room

Dolby is a name that will be familiar to many people. Its sound technologies are pretty much ubiquitous and Dolby Surround has been entrancing people since the early 80s. Now, the company has announced that its Atmos surround sound technology is coming…Read More…

ROSI solar-powered, mobile water filtration system tested in Tanzania

Water-borne bacteria and viruses can cause serious health problems, but many places in Africa do not have access to clean drinking water. Mdori, in Tanzania, is one of those places. In addition, its natural spring water is too high in salt and fluoride. The new ROSI water filtration system could change this. .. Continue Reading…Read More…

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Glance turns any watch into a smartwatch

Much smartwatch discussion has so far focused on devices like the Samsung Gear, Pebble Steel and Apple’s rumored iWatch. Rather than create a smartwatch from scratch like these examples, Glance simply slips under the user’s strap to turn their existing watch into a smartwatch… Continue Reading Glance turns any watch into a smartwatchSection: Wearable ElectronicsTags:…Read More…

Google’s Made With Code wants to inspire more female coders

According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), less than 1 percent of high school girls in the US see computer science as part of their future. Google is seeking to increase this figure with a scheme aimed at inspiring girls to code….Read More…

British sports car start-up Elemental Cars unveils RP1 lightweight racer

Having teased the the RP1 recently, Elemental has now taken the covers off its debut car. In addition to a host of images showing an open-topped broad-shouldered racer, Elemental has also provided more details. The RP1 is highly tuneable and lightweigh…Read More…

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The GOkey keyring does more than just hold your keys

Many attempts to make the humble keyring even more useful simply add one extra feature, two at most. The GOkey’s ability to charge your phone, connect your devices, find your keys or phone and store your data must surely make it one of the most feature…Read More…

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DiceBot will roll a pair of dice for a tweet

If you’re ever short a pair of dice and an online alternative won’t do, you need no longer despair. Maker firm Intridea has created a real-world, internet-connected dice roller that can be operated via Twitter. DiceBot will roll the dice when prompted …Read More…

10 useful and innovative Google services you may not know about

Everyone is familiar with Google flagship services, like Search, Gmail and Maps. Even its blue-sky projects like its Loon WiFi balloon and self-driving cars are well known. But there are a swathe of remarkable Google services that many people just don’…Read More…

Renzo Piano designs glass armadillo home for Pathé foundation

The Renzo Piano Building Workshop has designed a striking new home for the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé in Paris. The building is a striking, curved structure that sits snugly between two others. It retains the preserved façade of an older building, which is decorated with sculptures by Rodin… Continue Reading Renzo Piano designs glass armadillo home…Read More…

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