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Spotify Offering Three-Month Premium Subscription For $0.99

Spotify is a very popular music streaming service that not only has a paid offering, but a free version as well, that lets users listen to music. By paying a monthly fee users can get access to advanced features such as unlimited song skipping and the ability to listen to songs offline. If you have been…Read More…

Apple Admits To Deleting Non-iTunes Purchased Songs From iPods

We suppose in an ideal world, customers who purchase Apple’s iPods or iOS devices will buy all their apps, music, movies, and TV shows through the iTunes store. However that isn’t the case as there are many channels in which one is able to obtain said media, but it seems that back in the day…Read More…

Jimmy Iovine Details How He Convinced Apple To Buy Beats

As you might have heard by now, Apple has officially acquired Beats by paying a cool $3 billion for the company, making it one of Apple’s largest acquisitions over the years. It was a surprising move as Apple tends to more interested in acquihires, not to mention some of Beats’ products like Beats Music did…Read More…

Spotify Releases List Of Most Popular Artists And Tracks In 2014

There’s no doubt in the fact that music lovers are moving towards streaming services, which is why digital music sales have dipped over the past year. Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming services and today it released a list of most popular artists and tracks of 2014. The company’s Year In Review…Read More…

Mars Levitating Speaker

Now here is an interesting new “toy” that you might want to check out – I am referring to the Mars levitating speaker that will boast of a UFO-style disc. This unique disc will actually float above a sleek black subwoofer column, as though it were hanging there by an invisible thread or magic. Interestingly…Read More…

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TEAC ushers in a new vinyl dawn with the TN-300 turntable

Despite what some might say was a shaky start (the first ever CD album being Billy Joel’s 52nd Street), the Compact Disc quickly replaced vinyl as the music lover’s format of choice. When digital music players hit the street a few years later, it looke…Read More…

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Microsoft Offers 50 Free Albums To Promote Xbox Music

In this day and age there’s never just one service of its kind. Take music streaming for example, there are multiple services trying out different models all with the same aim, allowing users like you and me to effortlessly stream music over the internet. Xbox Music is one such service and to promote it Microsoft…Read More…

Sennheiser Introduces New Stores In The US

It seems that what was once temporary is now made permanent – at least until December 28th this year, with premium audio brand Sennheiser having opened up their temporary stores. These experiential stores will boast of an audiovisual design concept that is rather novel, and customers are invited so that they can enjoy the pleasures…Read More…

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Mikme Is A Small Wireless Microphone For Musicians On The Go

When it comes to home or mobile recording, there are plenty of options available to musicians. Heck, worst comes to worst they can always rely on the default microphone found on their phones or tablets. Well if you’d rather have better quality music recordings, then perhaps the Mikme Kickstarter project might be worth taking a…Read More…

Hush earplugs send you to sleep with soothing sounds

Trying to get to sleep when there’s unwanted noise in the background can be a fruitless and frustrating experience. You could try and block out the noise with earplugs, but sometimes that’s just not enough. The new Hush earplugs are controlled by a sma…Read More…

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