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TAG Heuer smartwatch coming soon, “must not copy the Apple Watch”

Hot on the heels of Fossil announcing that they are teaming up with Intel to develop a new smartwatch, similarly premium (but probably more premium) watch maker, TAG Heuer has announced that they are also developing a wearable of their own. Jean-Claude Biver of the LVMH group that owns TAG Heuer said that such a TAG Heuer…Read More…

TAG Heuer Smartwatch in the works, may arrive next year

TAG Heuer has been putting out high-end watches longer than most of us have been alive. They know the watch business, and they’re getting ready to add a bit of tech to their timepieces with a new TAG Heuer Smartwatch.Read More…

Smartwatch Buying Guide: How to Choose and Buy best Smartwatch

Smartwatch are getting much popularity these days. They are now coming in different price range and with lots of great features, allowing us to control our smartphone without even touching them. There are also many smartwatch which even don’t require to pair with any smartphone, they come with SIM card slot and can be easily…Read More…

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Gold Apple Watch Edition Could Cost As Much As $1,200

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, the unveiled three different editions: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. The latter model appears to be catered to those who are more interested in fashion and luxury as the watch will be given an 18-karat gold treatment. Sure, we guess it looks…Read More…

LG G Watch R vs. Asus ZenWatch

Both Asus’ and LG’s new smartwatches are designed to appeal to analogue watch lovers, but they go about it in different ways. While the ZenWatch focuses on a luxury build and premium feel, the G Watch R makes a more obvious attempt to emulate a traditional time piece, with a circular display and classic looks.…Read More…

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EA Looking Into Creating Games For Wearables Like The Apple Watch

Given that smartwatches have small screens, at least compared to mobile phones and tablets, safe to say that the kind of games that you could play on these devices might be very limited. However the good news is that it seems that developers and publishers aren’t shying away from it. Speaking to CNET, EA Mobile…Read More…

Future Apple Watches Will Have More Health Features And Sensors

When the Apple Watch was merely a rumor, there were talks and reports about how Apple had hired a ton of health experts, making it sound as though the Apple Watch would come packed with all sorts of health features and biometrics tracking that would leave the competition in the dust. The wearable was announced…Read More…

Luxury Smartwatch maker slams the new Apple Watch

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch a few days ago, and while a lot of the world gazed at the gadget in awe, that just wasn’t the case for some of us. Remember all that talk about how the iWatch would make people forget about high-end classic wristwatches? Well, one of the leaders in that industry…Read More…

Moto 360 Back in Stock on Best Buy: Buy it Now

Good news for Moto 360 fans, the smartwatch is once again on stock on Best Buy. So, hurry! up, go and grab one now. Moto 360 is currently available in Both Black and Silver color variants. So, you can choose the one which you like. To remind you, the price of Motorola Moto 360 smart watch is…Read More…

Apple Watch vs. Moto 360

After nearly two years of rumors, Apple’s smartwatch is here. And though the Apple Watch has plenty of company in the smartwatch space, the device does look like it carries some of those thoughtful little details that Apple is famous for. Let’s compare…Read More…

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