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CryoSat records small decrease in Arctic ice volume

The European Space Agency’s CryoSat mission has returned its latest map of Arctic sea ice volumes, recording a slight decrease in thickness over previous measurements. The data flies in the face of the established downward trend, but is unlikely to indicate a shift in the accepted pattern of degradation. .. Continue Reading CryoSat records small…Read More…

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Denmark city sensors track shopping habits at Christmas market

Denmark’s Aalborg City Business Association is turning to a smart sensor network to monitor and analyze the impact of large-scale events, starting with its Christmas market. Known as BlipTrack, the technology tracks the public’s mobile phones and tablets to provide useful data that can be put to use in easing the flow of urban traffic,…Read More…

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Cougar bolsters its gaming keyboard lineup with the membrane-based, anti-ghosting 500K

The Cougar 500K gaming keyboard may look a lot like the company’s high-end, mechanical 700K offering, but it actually makes use of lower-cost membrane tech. However, this won’t impact functionality as you might expect, with the 500K offering full N-Key Rollover – also known as anti-ghosting… Continue Reading Cougar bolsters its gaming keyboard lineup with…Read More…

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WikiGalaxy lets you view Wikipedia as an interactive virtual galaxy

WikiGalaxy is French engineering student Owen Cornec’s reimagining of how we view and consume information – specifically Wikipedia pages. The project takes each individual entry on the online encyclopedia and plots it as a star in a virtual galaxy, that you can navigate from the comfort of your sofa. .. Continue Reading WikiGalaxy lets you…Read More…

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Vivo X5Max takes thinnest smartphone crown

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has unveiled its latest smartphone, the X5Max. The handset has a stainless steel construction and high-end internals, but distinguishes itself by offering the thinnest build we’ve ever seen on a smartphone… Continue Reading Vivo X5Max takes thinnest smartphone crownSection: Mobile TechnologyTags: Android, Smartphones, VivoRelated Articles: Vertu Aster smartphone: High-end specs, slightly…Read More…

Discarded laptop batteries could be used to power homes

A study by IBM researchers has revealed that many discarded laptop batteries have the potential to provide enough power to keep the lights running in homes in poorer countries around the world. The India-based team conducted a small study to test the viability of the idea, with work now focused on streamlining a prototype system.…Read More…

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Uno Noteband puts speed reading on your wrist

The Uno Noteband is the first wearable to make use of Spritz, a technology that aims to increase reading speed by showing individual words in quick succession. It connects via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices, offering notifications, fitness tracking and (allegedly) long battery life… Continue Reading Uno Noteband puts speed reading on your wristSection:…Read More…

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European Extremely Large Telescope gets final go-ahead

The ESO has given its European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) the final green light, allowing construction to go ahead at the Chilean site. The telescope is expected to take around a decade to complete, with the final installation expected to facilitate discoveries in fields such as galaxy composition and exoplanets. .. Continue Reading European Extremely…Read More…

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Pinto puts wireless storage on your wrist

Pinto is a wrist-worn storage device that lets users securely and conveniently store their files. It’s being pitched as an alternative to cloud storage, connects via Bluetooth and even makes use of wireless charging… Continue Reading Pinto puts wireless storage on your wristSection: Wearable ElectronicsTags: Indiegogo, Storage, Wearable, wearable electronics, WirelessRelated Articles: Virgin Media launches…Read More…

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ESA transmits satellite images in near real-time via Space Data Highway

The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully linked up the Sentinel-1A and Alphasat satellites via laser, transmitting data across almost 36,000 km (about 22,400 miles) of space. The link allows for the delivery of data to Earth in near real time, …Read More…

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