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Google allowing college students to borrow a Chromebook Free of Cost

It’s Back to School time, every student is getting back to their respective institutions and for the College students, Google is having something interesting to share. The company has recently unveiled its Chromebook Lending Library, which is a demo program offering Chrome OS powered Chromebooks to students for a few days. As long as Google…Read More…

StudyRoom Lets College Students Join Online Study Groups, Book Tutors

 Launching publicly on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage this afternoon is a company called StudyRoom, which aims to take student study groups and tutoring online, and make them more social. The company has already been running trials of its program in six universities, starting this spring, and now claims to reach 40,000 students across the U.S.…Read More…

Readyforce Gives Students A Chance To Explore Options Before Picking Their First Jobs

 Readyforce, a professional network for college students, is launching a new tool aimed at students who have already received job offers but would like to see what else might be out there for them. Read MoreRead More…

Desmond O’Neill: Elective Dreams

With every elective student that joins our unit, I get a vivid flashback of my own electives. No matter how much water has flowed under the bridge since then, something particularly special endures about these less structured educational episodes. Even if undertaken in a local hospital, the elements of summer holiday, change of routine, and…Read More…

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Q&A With Classy, First Startup Out of Consumer-Tech Foundry Blade

Consumer tech is in the air around Boston. After e-commerce firm Wayfair’s IPO filing on Friday, the race is on to become the next household name in a town that has produced the likes of TripAdvisor, Zipcar, Bose, and Kayak. One place people are looking to for the next big thing is Blade, the startup…Read More…

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GetSet Uses Natural Language Processing To Reduce College Drop-out Rates

 GetSet, a new stealthy US edtech startup that’s aiming to reduce the high college drop-out rate is uncloaking today and revealing its first rollout at Arizona State University, with its 10,000+ freshmen. Read MoreRead More…

Julie Browne: Word counts, words count—how do we want things to be in medical education?

I have just come across a neat little web tool from the New York Times. You can type in any word, and see a line graph showing how frequently it’s been used in the New York Times by year right back to 1860. You can also compare several words simultaneously. It’s a fascinating insight into the degree of…Read More…

Lavanya Malhotra: Tackling obesity with gold

The Dubai municipality has come up with a novel way to promote a balanced diet and exercise in the city: slim down, and the reward will be worth your weight in gold. Or rather, you will receive 1 g of gold for every kg shed. Earlier this week it was estimated that more than 15 000 people had…Read More…

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Jack Johnson: My week as a medical journalist

I arrived at the offices of The BMJ on Monday 7 July, expecting to spend the day at a desk reading scholarly articles, which I had little chance of making sense of. I am a sixth form student and spent a week at The BMJ on work experience. My previous encounter with work experience was at…Read More…

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The Lookout reflects Scotland’s natural beauty

Two Scottish architectural students recently designed and built a novel observation point that sports a reflective facade in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Scotland. The Lookout offers a quiet place from which to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, and boasts views of Loch Voil and Loch Doine. .. Continue Reading The…Read More…

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