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BT In Talks To Acquire UK’s First 4G/LTE Carrier, EE, For £12.5BN

 UK telco BT has confirmed it is in talks to acquire mobile carrier EE for £12.5 billion — the largest of the U.K.’s carriers, and the first to roll out a 4G/LTE network, back in fall 2012. Read MoreRead More…

France Bans UberPop From January 1

 Another bend in the road for on-demand ride-hailing juggernaut Uber: the French government has announced that the peer-to-peer UberPop ride-sharing service will be banned in the country from January 1. Read MoreRead More…

Blinq Tells You If Your Dating Matches Are In The Bar

 Shove over Tinder. Swiss startup Blinq has come up with a new twist on the dating app. The startup is incorporating beacon proximity technology into the mix so singles can do more meeting IRL and less swiping — thanks to select venues being kitted out with Blinq’s Estimote iBeacons. Read MoreRead More…

Inkl Wants To Be ‘Spotify For News’

 Australian startup Inkl is hoping to fix journalism’s strained business models with a ‘Spotify for news’ model that ditches the unwelcoming and irritating single publication paywall in favor of aggregated news content from multiple publishers which users access ad-free for a small (10c) per article fee. Or gain unlimited access to all the news they…Read More…

Uber Facing Tougher Action In Brussels

 Yet more trouble brewing for Uber in Europe. Brussels Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet, is reportedly preparing to file a criminal complaint against the company, according to regional press reports, after failing to gain operational concessions …Read More…

Jolla Bags $12.4M Series B From Europe And Asia For Its Sailfish Mobile OS

 Buoyed by a successful crowdfunding campaign to build an open source tablet running its Sailfish OS, Finnish mobile startup Jolla has also announced the closure of a Series B funding round. Read MoreRead More…

Twitter Pushes Its Message-Any-Of-Your-Followers Feature With Annoying Promo Overlay

 Twitter’s push to expand its appeal and bump up usage of existing features often sees the company tweak its layout or shuffle feature furniture around in A/B tests. The latest bit of tweaking, currently appearing sporadically on a few TechCrunch users’ Twitter accounts, is a promo that appears in the messages window on the Twitter…Read More…

Social Network Website Use Dips In U.K. And U.S. — Study

 The use of social networking websites such as Facebook has dipped in the U.S and U.K., according to research conducted by U.K. telecoms regulator, Ofcom. Visits to ‘traditional’ social networks also fell in Japan and China between September 2013 and October 2014, it found. Read MoreRead More…

Warning, This App Could Trash Your Phone

 If the idea of throwing an expensive piece of consumer electronics up in the air and watching it spin around makes your palms clammy with sweat then this app is definitely not for you. You have been warned. Read MoreRead More…

Blackphone Confirms Privacy-Focused App Store And Device Sandboxes Incoming

 BlackPhone, the post-Snowden, pro-privacy Android smartphone joint venture between secure comms company Silent Circle and phone maker Geeksphone, has confirmed it will be adding an app store to its PrivatOS in an update early next year, and also …Read More…

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