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Obamacare Makes Progress – Jeffrey Toobin Measuring Wealth Inequality – House of Debt Delivering the Eurozone ‘Consistent Trinity’ – vox Economists and Philosophy – NYTimes.com Costs, Benefits and Masterpieces in Detroit – Robert Frank War and calculation – Understanding Society Keynes: Cultural Rebel – EconoSpeak The Quit Rate, the Fed, and Braindead Employers – Beat…Read More…

  • By Mark Thoma

West-looking Nexon CEO says “Free-to-play does not mean ‘trick your customers’”

The new CEO of the company behind MapleStory and other popular free-to-play games wants to dispell the stigma around the business model. Nexon CEO-elect Owen Mahoney told Re/code at the Game Developers Conference last week that “free-to-play does not mean ‘trick your customers into paying you money’ or ‘give them something that is potentially free or supposedly free…Read More…

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These Must Be Holding You Back From Succeeding In Online Marketing

To run a healthy and successful business is not easy. It can be utterly frustrating, always emerging and time consuming, especially for those who have not tried to discern what holds them back from success. Unbelief In Your Investment One of the things that hold online marketers back is lack of belief in their own…Read More…

A Reminder About “Student-Athletes”

The NCAA, the governing body for most of college athletics, has made a lot of money by referring to their money-makers as “Student-Athletes”. This reinforces the idea that all these people are amateurs. They’re at school to learn first, and compete second. But for some of the most elite athletes, they’re really just polishing their…Read More…

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What place do applied middlebrow models have? – mainly macro A grand unified theory of behavioral economics? – Noahpinion India, Pakistan, and Growth – Part I – House of Debt Favoring Wealth Over Work – Paul Krugman The Truth About ObamaCare – Robert Reich When the Scientist Is Also a Philosopher – Greg Mankiw EU…Read More…

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Mark Thoma posted an entry

Roger farmer: Labor Markets Don’t Clear: Let’s Stop Pretending They Do: Beginning with the work of Robert Lucas and Leonard Rapping in 1969, macroeconomists have modeled the labor market as if the wage always adjusts to equate the demand and supply of labor. I don’t think that’s a very good approach. It’s time to drop…Read More…

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Shut the Front Door, Starbucks To Sell Alcohol Across The US

Four Loko may be banned, but a strategically covered mermaid is ready to fill the nation’s caffeine and alcohol void. Starbucks has announced they will start selling beer and wine across the US as part of an ongoing attempt to fulfill America’s every beverage desire.Read More…

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‘Glyph Quest’ devs cast light on ‘Glyph Quest 2′ and the greed that’s ruining video games

Glyph Quest is a fascinating little game that seemingly uses the free-to-play system against itself. It has just one in-app purchase, made available about half an hour in, and that single purchase unlocks the rest of the game. It was that unusua…Read More…

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Review: Hulu’s New Original Series Deadbeat Tries to Combine The Sixth Sense With The Big Lebowski

Hulu showed off the first episode of their upcoming original supernatural comedy series Deadbeat at SXSW, and I got to see it. I’ve been really impressed with some of Hulu’s other originals like Moonboy and especially the wonderful The Wrong Mans. How does Deadbeat hold up?Read More…

  • By Glen Tickle
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Lessons From Pat McGovern for Entrepreneurs

Very sad about the passing of Pat McGovern, the Chairman of International Data Group (IDG). He was my mentor and friend for over 30 years, and a giant in the technology, media, market research, and venture capital fields. Today, I took some time to reflect on what Pat taught me as an entrepreneur and investor.…Read More…

  • By Steve Woit
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