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Judy Blume Has A Reminder For All Of Us: Read Whatever You Want – Are you there, God? It’s me, the voice of reason.

The woman who taught me about boobs, boys and periods shared sage words earlier this month on the value of books and the ability of children to “self-censor” themselves when reading mature material. If my third-grade experience of the masturbation scene in Deenie is any indication, the Grand Dame of YA is absolutely right.Read More…

J.K. Rowling Addresses Fan Questions About Voldermort’s Virginity. Because That Is A Question Someone Had. – Well, it’s hard when you live on the back of someone’s head.

One fan dared to ask J.K. Rowling herself if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ever got his parsel tongued, and Rowling answered in typical classy fashion.Read More…

True Blood Recap: Jesus Gonna Be Here – If by “Jesus” you mean “Joe Manganiello’s weird new haircut,” then yes. It’s here.

In the words of Jason Stackhouse, this is an “Armageddon-like situation we got goin’ on.” Spoilers inside.Read More…

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Sharknado Fans: Want A Chance To Show Of Your Artwork At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con? – Enough said.

As fans of the original Sharknado surely know, the world’s strangest weather phenomenon will be blowing onto the SyFy channel for a second time July 31st. And in honor of Sharknado 2: The Second One, The Asylum is offering artists an opportunity to showcase their work at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.Read More…

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Stephanie Kwolek, Pioneering Chemist, Has Passed Away At 90 – Thank you, madame. You made the world a safer place.

Fox News is reporting that Stephanie Kwolek, the chemist who invented the durable fiber used in Kevlar Body Armor, has passed away at 90 of an unknown illness.Read More…

Things We Saw Today: Resisting This Borg Eye Patch Is Futile – State your demands.

$14. From Fashionably Geek. You know what to do.Read More…

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Call Me Migaloo: One Of The World’s Only White Humpback Whales Spotted Off Australian Coast – WHALE HELLO THERE

First seen in 1991, Migaloo is one of the rarest whales in the world, and also one of the most popular–Queenland’s animal welfare legislation even has a special clause designed to protect him from his many devotees.Read More…

City Shuts Down Free Library Built By Nine-Year-Old – Someone call Leslie Knope immediately.

Just look at this picture. Look at this little boy and his little home-made library and the great big potential for learning and imagination it contains.Read More…

What’s The Hold-Up On That Netflix Original Star Trek Series? – Viacomkhaaaaaaan!

Earlier this month Larry Nemecek disappointed many of us by debunking a rumor that Netflix and CBS were in talks to produce a new Star Trek series. Sigh. But it seems the dream may become a reality yet!Read More…

NASA Was So Excited For Twitter GIFS, They Broke Our Brain With One – Guys. Earth is a magical kingdom.

OK, NASA. Yes, you won the unofficial contest for “most literally awesome GIF Tweet.” But you do have an unfair advantage.Read More…

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