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HTC One M8 vs HTC One video comparison gives verdict

It has been almost a week now since HTC took the wraps of its new flagship mobile phone, and today we have a HTC One M8 vs. HTC One video comparison for your viewing pleasure that provides a verdict. We have already given you a spec comparison between …Read More…

Drop Test: HTC One M8 2014 Vs HTC One M7 2013 [VIDEO]

The new HTC One M8, which was announced on Tuesday by its Taiwanese manufacturer in both New York and London, looks a solid improvement upon its predecessor, the HTC One M7. Released last year, the M7 was subject to much critical acclaim, and while sig…Read More…

‘Powered by Android’ boot screen becomes mandatory for devices

It seems like Google has now found a way to make manufacturers realize that they are using World’s Popular Mobile Operating System inside their device. A new “Powered by Android” logo, which was firstly… The post ‘Powered by Android’ boot screen becomes mandatory for devices appeared first on TechnoDify | Redefining Technology.Read More…

New Dot View Case for HTC One (M8) now on sale for $49.99

HTC introduced new Dot View case for its new HTC One (M8) smartphone. But this case wasn’t on sale at the time of HTC One (M8) Launch. It is really an impressive case, with… The post New Dot View Case for HTC One (M8) now on sale for $49.99 appeared first on TechnoDify | Redefining…Read More…

2014 HTC One (M8) vs. 2013 HTC One (M7)

We already know that the new HTC One (M8) isn’t exactly a radical departure from last year’s HTC One (M7). But are there enough new goodies there to justify the upgrade? Let’s compare the features and specs of the two flagships, and see if we can point…Read More…

  • By Will Shanklin
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HTC One M8 Hands-On And First Impressions [VIDEO]

In what has to be one of the most leaked phone releases of all time, two days ago HTC set to the stage to officially announce their newest flagship smartphone, the ‘all new’ HTC One M8. The previous iteration of the HTC One line, the M7, happens to be one of my favorite smartphones of…Read More…

Early impressions: 2014 HTC One (M8)

HTC doesn’t beat around the bush. On the same day that it announced its new One (M8), the phone went up for sale. Not pre-orders, mind you, I mean you could actually walk into a store and buy the damn thing right after the announcement. After jetting t…Read More…

  • By Will Shanklin

Future Android devices could be branded with ‘Powered by Android’ text, courtesy of Google

Google seems to have realized the fact that most consumers have no clue that their beloved handset is powered by an OS called Android. Two of the hottest new Android flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), will greet users with the message “Powered by Android”, with “Android” written in the classic font that…Read More…

Download All the New HTC One (M8) Wallpapers Now!

The All New HTC One is officially in our lives now, and some lucky enthusiasts out there have already gotten their hands on it. As much as I am jealous of that notion, we are going to start getting some goodies from the New One, and we know how much you guys love wallpaper, so…Read More…

  • By David Pena
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BlinkFeed Will Soon be Available for Non-HTC Devices

The All New HTC One has finally been made official, and now that it is officially in our lives, we can settle down and wait for the next thing. In the mean time, some of you may be digging HTC’s BlinkFeed, but you don’t have an HTC One device. You’ll be glad to know that…Read More…

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