ARM Expects 64-bit Android Devices By End Of The Year

ARM Expects 64 bit Android Devices By End Of The YearApple announced the iPhone 5s last year and it did stir up quite the storm, not so much for its features or its design, but rather for the simple fact that Apple’s latest chipset in the device was a 64-bit chipset.

This was a big deal because this is the first 64-bit chipset to make its way into smartphones and while there are some who argue that 64-bit chipsets are unnecessary at this point in time, it’s still progress and Apple had beaten everyone to the punch.

So what about other companies? We had heard reports suggesting that 64-bit chipsets could soon be expected from companies like Samsung and that companies such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm have expressed interest as well, although in the case of the latter they did debut their own 64-bit chipset in the form of the Snapdragon 410 shortly after.

However such chipsets aren’t exactly mainstream yet, but according to ARM, the company that licenses its technology to manufacturers like Qualcomm, we can expect a  ”big uptick in demand for mobile 64-bit products” by the end of the year. This is according to ARM’s executive vice president of corporate strategy, Tom Lantzsch, during an interview with CNET.

Unfortunately there is no word from Google regarding the possibility of a 64-bit version of Android, but with Google I/O taking place later in June, perhaps there is a chance that Google could announce a 64-bit Android at that time, or perhaps later on in the year. In the meantime is anyone looking forward to more 64-bit Android devices?

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