Instagram Updated, No Longer Shares Activity On Facebook

Instagram Updated, No Longer Shares Activity On FacebookFrom time to time, you might see activity from your friends on Facebook which shows them the photos that you might have liked on Instagram. This isn’t a big deal if the photos are innocent enough, but if you’re following some dodgy Instagrammers and liking some NSFW photos, then perhaps this is something you might want to keep underwraps, if you’re particularly shy about it.

Now this feature can be disabled by going into your Instagram settings, but unfortunately it’s not very obvious. Thankfully Instagram has done something about it in their latest app update. In the latest update to Instagram, the developers have essentially killed off the activity sharing feature to Facebook.

What this means is that all your likes on Instagram will no longer appear on Facebook. It will remain on Instagram but unless your friends or family members check your activity religiously, then it shouldn’t be an issue. Prior to the update, whenever users would sign into the app for the first time they would be prompted as to whether they want their Instagram activity shared to Facebook, but now it is no longer there.

This is good news for Instagrammers who might prefer to keep their Facebook and Instagram accounts separate. If you have yet to update your Instagram app, you can hit up your respective app store for the download. So, who else is pleased by this move?

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