Microsoft-Nokia Deal Sees Some Last Minute Changes

Microsoft Nokia Deal Sees Some Last Minute ChangesThe Microsoft-Nokia deal is expected to close on the 25th of April, which is basically tomorrow but it seems that there are apparently some last minute changes made to the deal which we reckon might be of interest to some of you guys. So far we haven’t heard anything different and chances are the deal will still close by the end of the week.

The changes made are regarding online assets, namely Nokia’s online website at The original deal apparently did not mention anything about the management of said assets, but according to reports, Microsoft will now be managing Nokia’s domain as well as social media sites for up to a year.

After that we’re going to assume that Microsoft might shutter the website and social media pages, or at least change it to the new brand which is going to be called Microsoft Mobile. Other changes include the staff in Nokia’s Chief Technology Office. The deal had them continuing working with Nokia post-acquisition, but Microsoft will now be bringing them into the fold.

Last but not least there was also an issue about the Korean manufacturing facility. Microsoft was originally supposed to acquire the facility but changes in the agreement will now see the facility left untouched and remain in the hands of Nokia (the other part of Nokia, not the cellphone division which was sold to Microsoft).

Not major changes and it seems that everything will proceed as planned. So it looks like tomorrow we can officially congratulate Microsoft on their acquisition.

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