Samsung Patent Could Hint At Galaxy Note 4′s Design [Rumor]

Samsung Patent Could Hint At Galaxy Note 4s Design [Rumor]Besides the Samsung Galaxy S5, the next highly-anticipated smartphone of 2014 includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Not much is known about the device for now except for the rumors, but earlier in the year it was suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 could feature a new design that would see display components placed on the side of the device as well, thus creating a three-sided display.

These rumors aren’t that far-fetched because thanks to a Samsung patent, it looks like Samsung could have toyed with the idea of a wraparound display, at least on paper. In fact this patent seems to be in line with earlier rumors that hinted that Samsung could go with such a setup. After all with devices like the Galaxy Round, we know for a fact that Samsung is able to achieve flexible displays on devices that have actually made it to the market.

Now based on the drawing of the patent, it shows off a device where the display wraps around the edge of the phone. It seems that the idea here is to provide access to certain action keys that can be accessed easily. For example if you were within an app, you can reach around the back and tap the camera button, or the settings button, without having to exit the app first and then looking for said buttons.

However we should note that patents are just ideas and we have seen some pretty wild ones in the past. They might not necessarily be made into actual products but it is a coincidence that there is a patent for a wraparound display and rumors about how the Galaxy Note 4 could feature such a design at the same time. Either way we expect the Galaxy Note 4 to be announced in the later part of the year, perhaps at IFA 2014, but until then, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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