Xbox’s Phil Spencer Congratulates Sony On Their Lead

ps4 xbox one pre orderWith both the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 having been released at around the same time, safe to say that the race was pretty neck to neck right out of the door, with both companies fighting for the attention and wallets of gamers around the world. However based on the figures released by both companies, it seems that Sony might be in the lead at the moment.

Last we heard, Sony boasted 7 million units sold while Microsoft talked about shipping figures, which does not necessarily translate into sales. That being said, it seems that Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is willing to admit defeat for now. Speaking to GamesIndustry, Spencer pretty much congratulated Sony on their lead, but also stated that this is a long-term battle which means that Microsoft could pull ahead later on.

“You look at what Sony has sold, and congratulations to them; they’ve had a great launch. Maybe we’re 10 percent of the way into this generation, so we’re early, early days in how this will all play out. I tip my hat to them.” Will Microsoft be able to pull ahead at the later stage of the console’s life? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.

However there are some who believe Microsoft made the mistake at the start by pricing their console $100 more than the PlayStation 4, which they attempted to justify by saying that it came with the Kinect. Microsoft later backtracked and released another version of the Xbox One that was priced at $399 sans Kinect.

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