Evernote now features an intelligent virtual assistant, Context


Popular note-taking app Evernote is now armed with Context, a virtual writing assistant based on artificial intelligence. Context intelligently adds information to your notes based on your previous notes, notes shared by your family, friends and colleagues. It even sources background information from reliable publications like The Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch and other magazines.

The augmented intelligence feature will help you finish your research, articles and blog posts with utmost ease. With this feature enabled, you will see relevant information at the bottom of your screen based on background data. You can either read the prompted information by clicking on it right away or refer to it later on. The Work Chat feature of Evernote also lets you share this information with your contacts.

Now, are you concerned about third parties being privy to information shared by you? Well, worry not as Evernote assures you that it doesn’t share any data about you to the publishers of the Context feature.

But this cool feature is only available for Premium Evernote users and Evernote business subscribers. Also, if you have a Wall Street Journal subscription, Context is free for you for a year. You can avail a premium Evernote subscription for $5 per month or $45 a year.


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