Google adds Cricket Score cards in Google Now

Supports both International Cricket and Indian Premier League

Google Now Cricket CardsGoogle has silently added support for Cricket Score cards in Google Now. So, now you will see cricket scores for your favourite teams, whenever they are playing, in Google Now. Currently, Google supports International cricket and Indian Premier League. There is no word if Google Plans to add First-Class Cricket or other smaller-tournament scores.

Google had started rolling-out this feature over the last few days and the roll-out seems to have completed.

How to see Cricket Score cards in Google Now

To enable Google Now cards for cricket, you can manually add teams by going to Google Now customisation menu. Google will also show you match scores automatically if search about any cricket teams and they are playing a match.

This is a very useful addition for users living in Cricketing countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, England, and South Africa. No need to install an app or open a website to check the match scores, just open Google Now and it will all be there.

Thanks Mahesh

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