Google Play expands TV shows availability to Australia

Google Play TV shows in AustraliaGoogle has announced that it is expanding the availability of Google Play TV shows to Australia. With this, Google Play TV shows are now available to consumers in a total of four markets including US, UK, and Japan.

Google Play TV shows in Australia will include the popular US TV series like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and The Newsroom as well as Aussie TV shows like Wilfred, East West 101 and Housos.

“You can purchase individual episodes from A$2.99, and some shows also offer a season pass so you can buy all of a season’s episodes for a discounted price,” Google Australia noted in a blog post.

Google Play celebrates 2nd birthday with a sale

In related news, Google Play is celebrating its second birthday in Australia with several app and content deals. Google is offering deals on Music, Movies, Books as well as games for the Australian Android users.

Quick is a quick look at the offers:

  • A discounted music album for A$4.99
  • Select movies for rent from A$0.99 or sale from A$3.50
  • Discounted books as well as magazine subscriptions
  • Select game deals from EA and others including exclusive in-app deals and 50% off

These second birthday deals are currently only available in Austrlia but if they go live in other territories, we will let you know.

Here is the link for deals page.

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