More Google Now inspired wallpapers, this time from Stormfly for Android and Spiderfly Studios

Google Now inspired wallpapersYesterday, we featured some Google Now inspired wallpapers courtesy of Alex Pasquarella, which a lot of you seemed to like. Today, we’ve got a few more Google Now inspired wallpapers, but from a slightly different source. That source is the Stormfly for Android app, developed by Spiderfly Studios, which is effectively a live wallpaper for your device (although the wallpapers themselves are static) that changes dynamically based on the time of day and weather that is currently at your location.

Google Now inspired wallpapersIt’s a pretty interesting app, one which helps make your device seem a bit more in tune with your surroundings, and as you can see, the wallpapers they use are beautiful and very familiar given their inspiration. The Stormfly app will run you $0.99 on the Play Store (links are below), which is pretty cheap in this realm of apps. Make sure you visit the Stormfly Google+ page, which is where they first featured these wallpapers which are going to be added to the app soon.

If you pick up Stormfly, or are already using it, be sure to let us know how you find it in the comments.

Source: Google+


Application: Stormfly

Play Store Link

Price: $0.99

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