Pebble App Store goes live for Android

Pebble owners rejoice, since the Pebble App Store is now live on the Google Play Store and is packed full of great Apps for the smartwatch.

Key Features of the Pebble App Store (require Android 4.0 or newer):
- Browse, find, and install watchapps and watchfaces for Pebble.
- Discover new and most popular watchapps by category: notifications, fitness, daily use, tools & utilities, remotes, and games.
- Watchapp locker: conveniently store your favorite Pebble watchapps when not in use.
- Receive notifications when software updates for Pebble are ready to install.
- Supports Pebble watchapps built with SDK 2.0, including the new JavaScript API.
- Troubleshoot issues and make suggestions right from the app.

Previously sideloading Apps onto your Pebble smartwatch was a complicated process that involved downloading them from third-party websites and manually uploading them to the Pebble. The new App Store now acts as a central verified repository for all the add-ons available for your smartwatch, that can be installed with a simple click.

Pebble claims the reason for the delay in bringing the Android version of the Pebble App Store to consumers over the iOS version was the complexity of developing apps compatible for those found in the Google Play Store, combined with the small development team that Pebble can utilise.

Regardless, the Pebble App Store is live and is full of goodness to get your Pebble smartwatch stuck into.

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