Can People Please Stop Drooling When Matt Cutts Talks…You Are Ruining the Keyboard

DroolI didn’t really want to get into this conversation, but I am officially done! Matt Cutts, you seem like a nice guy and all on YouTube, but either tell us what you want directly or stop wasting my time. When I want to play games I will turn on my Nintendo Wii and play some Madden.

However, when I am online I want to build something amazing. Just like you do with your work with Google. That is what you want to do right? (This question is for Matt Cutts only.)

You see! I think Google might have the best algorithms in the world. However, that will never make up for humans mis-using the code to specifically hurt people.

And after all, hurting people is wrong!

So, what am I going to do about this wrong? I am sooooo glad you asked! You see I came up with a 5 part plan to ignore Matt Cutts.

5 Ways I Plan On Ignoring Matt Cutts Advice As I Build My Business

I solemnly swear that I will do the following, despite what Matt Cutts says. You may take away my search traffic, but you will never take away my ability to build my business, connect with other great people, and just be awesome!

Here is what I will do!

1. I will continue to create rocking guest posts! Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to write on dozens of rock star blogs across the inter-webs.

Earlier in the month, I did a guest post on that landed me two new monthly service clients. I know, how horrid! What grievous problem would Google have with this?

After all, we are not supposed to make money with guest blogging. Or are we? Oopsies!

2. I will continue to use directories to find quality people. Just the other day I was on Aviva Directory’s blog directory and found OnStartUp along with some articles by Dharmesh Shah. He is one of the founders of Hubspot. He was talking about Joel Gascoigne as well, and how Buffer got started. They would be so cool to talk to about how they got started for my weekly Start Up Gap show.

Will either of those two contact me back? Who know? Time will tell. However, I am enriched just learning about the process they went through as they started their business.

This is something I never would have looked at, had I not found them through the directory. But yeah, directories are bad. Evil, evil, evil things people!

3. I will still review products I like. Why? Well, one because I like them. Duh! Two, because why should I not get paid for promoting products I like. Refer to the duh in item number one.

4. I will curate good content, and make it my friend. Oh wait! Content curation is bad! Really bad!

We apparently have come to the end of SEO rainbow, and found that the pot of gold was swiped by Google. Since, Google does not believe in curating content (a la them ripping off half of Wikipedia to put on Google).

Content curation when done right actually creates relationships. Maybe we should be humming about relationships? Hee! Hee!

5. I will send do follow links to all the time. According to Google, I should not send do follow links anywhere. In that case, rel=do follow, rel=do follow Matt Cutts.Com, rel=Do follow

Disavow that Mother Googlers! Karate Chop! Pow!

Finally, I would now like to call for rel=do follow day. Or better yet, maybe we can have Matt Cutt Mondays, where the entire SEO community Do follows him on their blog. What do you think of dem apples?

All I Want For Christmas Is My PageRank Back

Google has the right to do whatever they feel works for their users. They have a brand and a stock price to protect. However, I too have this ability (not the stock price, because I believe I am priceless). I do not need to rely to everything they do to make my world go round. If you decide to share my epic content (Blogger Note: Remember to put anchor text here) that would be great. If not, I will find other people who like what I write. Last I heard, we have 7 Billion people in the world. Google only has 1 Billion people on their network. That means I have a 6 in 7 shot of finding someone who likes what I say. (Note: Check math!)

In the end, we are all here to get more business. If Google does not like what you do, but the business making activities you do makes you money and feeds your family then forget them.

Instead, focus on the legal and ethical actions you can take to build a solid business.

Amazing things happen when people help each other. In the end, I feel that is what disgusts most small business owners using Google. They are not helpful right now. Instead, they play games with our future. Perhaps, this is our own fault for relying too much on Google.

In the meantime, release your anger a bit and have some fun. Let me know in the comments if you have any sites that were banned by Google where you want to do follow

Andy Nathan

P.S. I would love for you to connect with me on Google Plus. Google Plus Hangouts Rock!

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