Don’t try to be a Blogger if…!

Don't try to be a Blogger if...!

It is really interesting how quickly time flies. In no time there will be valentine and lovers will be seen all over holding hands expressing love through the wind. wow! But something happened? I mean something happened to my good friend Little Johnny during last valentine. He left her girl or let put it this way, his girlfriend let him. What happened?

The following conversation ensued between Little Johnny and his girlfriend, Esther during valentine some years back.

Esther: Honey, do you still love me like before?

Little Johnny: Yes love! My love for you will never change.

Esther: That’s my honey. I want you to buy me something.

Little Johnny: Just name it, baby.

Esther: It’s just one BB porsche.

Little Johnny: No problem. Just find out the price and let me know.

Esther: It’s #350,000.

Little Johnny: Is it manual or automatic? Is it still in a good shape, as in the engine. Have you checked the fuel consumption too?

Esther: Honey, its not a car oh, It’s a phone.

Little Johnny: Phone?!!!!!!!!! !!!!! that means it will have a fridge, generator set, plasma and a wardrobe, shey?

Esther: Are you buying it or not?

Little Johnny: Please I am not oh! I can’t!

Esther: Helloooooo!

Little Johnny: Hiiiiiiiii!

Esther: Don’t even bother again. I’will call Alhaji to get it for me this evening.

Little Johnny: Better still, call the President, he will be faster.

Esther:(sad, crying): ‘I’m going to delete you.

Little Johhny: Is your phone hanging, because I have deleted you since you mentioned Porsche.

And look at the funny thing Little Johnny said to her current girlfriend.

Little Johnny: Sweettheart, lets play hide and seek.
Gifty: Noooooo! the last time we did, I didn’t find you till Feb 15th!
Hahaha! Please no hide and seek no more! Let me move straight to the point. The issue on board is don’t be a blogger…
1.If you don’t have the passion- It is easier to set up a blog these days. The likes of and wordpress have made things easier. Becoming a blogger is one thing at the beginning  but without the passion for it, one is likely to be disappointed at the end. Please don’t consider yourself as a blogger when your passion level is low.
I sometimes do want to quit blogging since my commitment level sometimes goes down. Please considering yourself as a blogger, you must be very passionate.
2.If you are not ready to spend- From spending, I don’t mean just buying a domain or hosting but there is more to it. It cut across spending on internet services, electricity bills to all that per-tends to blogging. Blogging is expensive and one ought to be ready for that. If not, please don’t try being a serious blogger.
3.If  you’re not ready to write- With this post for instance, I am reluctant  to write but I have to. Hahaha! And that is for blogging. So don’t try becoming a blogger when you’re not ready to write!

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