It is easier to earn $100 online than to receive it.

It is easier to earn $100 online than to receive it.

It is easier to earn $100 online than to receive it! Do you think I’m lying? I guess not. I was yesterday going through the number of services I have joined since  I came online and the amount I have accumulated and surprisingly, the total amount was heading towards to more than $100 but yet still I won’t be able to get the money. Why? I think this is the question which is likely going through your mind.

I am obviously going to tell you but since we are already in an new month called February, it will of course be prudent to wish you a Happy new month and I do hope all your goals are moving according to plan? I hope so!

Wow! let set the ball rolling. Anyway I do hope many of you haven’t forgotten my little friend, Little Johnny. Guess what happened to him.

A doctor wrote on his new clinic; Any treatment is $300 and if we cannot treat you, we will pay you $500. 

Wanting the G$500 for himself, intelligent Little Johnny came to the doc and said: ‘I can’t feel any taste.’
The doc asked a nurse to give Little Johnny a few drops of medicine from box 22.

 Upon taking the drops, Little Johnny shouted “Oh STOP! it is urine!”
The doctor said “congratulations, your sense of taste is back now”.

Little Johnny was very angry that he lost  $300.

He came back two weeks later determined to get $ 500.

The following conversation ensued between Little Johnny and the doctor:

Little Johnny: I lost my memory.

Doctor: Nurse! Please give this man some drops of medicine from box 22.

Little Johnny: Wait doctor but that medicine is for sense of taste.

Doctor: Congratulations, your memory is back.

Hahaha! so obviously poor Little Johnny ought to settle another bill. Now let us move back to the main issue on board with respect to how easy it is to make $100 online than to receive it.

I started having a feel of the internet world somewhere in 2010 and let me confess that I had my first email on October 17, 2010 to be precise. I was so happy to the extent that spending my last dime just to be on the internet was what I was doing. I will simply visit the internet café and just open yahoo messenger just to chat with other people. And the first question they will ask is, ‘asl’. As soon as they realise you’re a male, then they close the chat. HAHAHA!  How funny that was in those days.

My passion for the internet and the zeal I had for poetry made me started to ask the right questions and the first question was, how do I make money writing poetry and the answer was Triond.

How many of you have heard of triond? It is a writing platform where one is paid by the number of views his or her articles receive. I think at that time it was $0.01 for 10 views. I was soo much into triond that I made $13.78. I have still not received the money since I didn’t reach the minimum threshold. So I made my first $1 online in no time! Hahaha!

From triond, I moved to Bukisa where I also did earn a cool $19 through my articles by the use of Chitika. It was all fun until one of my readers advised me to create a blog through She made it emphatic I was going to earn big through it and that brought me more than joy.

I created a blogspot blog and later realised there was more to it than just writing. I joined several advertising platforms and made some dollars here and there but yet couldn’t receive a dime through them.

C’mon check this out and the reason I couldn’t receive even $1 even though I was having more than $5o in several accounts. Hahaha!

These were some of the advertising platforms I was using and the money I made through my blogspot blog.

Affintyclick- $18 minimum payout $50

Adsmain- $33  minimum payout $100


Adsense-$57 minimum payout $100





I joined several of these advertising platforms and earned some few dollars but yet still never met their minimum payouts so never received payments. So you see why It is not advisable to use several ads from different sources?

Affinityclick for instance has collapsed and so are several others which I can’t remember. So you see, it is easier to earn $100 online than to receive it.

Your Turn

Have you found yourself in such thing as well? Let the world hear what you have say on this post by comment below.

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