10 Rare Ways To Make Money Online

132177047_f44db2a4d8We always hear about taking surveys and writing articles to make money online, but if you step out of the box you will discover a plethora of money making opportunities out there in the virtual world waiting for you to grab.

These opportunities aren’t as popular as some of the others but they are nonetheless awesome ways to earn income working on your computer, even without any prior experience.

What are some of the rare, exciting ways to make money?

We have 10 of the best rare jobs available online.

Tomorrow you could have a new title to your name working online in any of these positions!

1. Photoshop Editor

Everyone is using Photoshop to jazz up their pictures these days, however some people require a higher level of proficiency of the photos for professional or personal reasons. These people want an expert to handle the task, so if you’re good at Photoshop you could earn a substantial income online performing this task.

2. Flip Domains

You’ve heard of flipping houses, well now there is domain flipping, and it works similar to house flipping with a great profit potential available. Every single day three are hundreds of websites being flipped and sold for huge profits, and you could get in on the cut.

3. Create Photo Mosaics/Photo Blankets

People love to show off their family and friends, and the more creative and fun way hat you can help them do it the better. If you have this talent you can really make a lucrative income working full or part-time.

4. Podcasts/Video Blogs

Keep up with the latest trends and start a podcast or a video blog. They’re a lot more fun to create and can be made about any topic of your selection. And, many people will pay for your services and the pays isn’t half bad.

5. Micro-Sites

There are several micro-sites out there and on these sites you can do all sorts of strange activities and tasks that pay cash. Seek those that offer free registration. Most of the tasks take only a couple of minutes to do, and you can complete offers all day long if you want to do so. You are in control of how much you make when you are working on micro-sites.

6. Sell Stock Photos

As the web continues to rise in users the need for stock photos for written materials also increases. You can photograph many different images and sell them for stock photography use. This is a part-time or a full-time position that has the potential of producing steady income if you are willing to put in the time.

7. Test Mobile Apps/games

There are thousands of new mobile apps and games being developed on a daily basis and people are needed to test them out before they go live. Could that be you? This is usually a part-time position, but the pay is decent and it is lots of fun. This college student with this one!

8. Participate in Mock Jury’s

Attorneys in locations throughout the US look for people to participate in mock jury’s. these are conducted online at various times and are used when an attorney wants to learn how a jury might react to a particular case. This is a very part-time position with different pay scales according to the jury that you are on. It is possible for sign up for more than one, however, so that is a plus.

9. Make T-Shirt

Everyone loves a cool t-shirt, and you can turn that into a nice little profit for yourself. This is one of the jobs that may require a little bit of money to start, but there is plenty of marketing potential with the web available.

10. Conduct Webinars

Webinars are needed by various companies and organizations for various reasons. They enable employees or interested parties from around the world to connect together in one platform for meetings and more. Helping make this possible through webinars is a great way to make money, and you can do this even without any experience.

If you want to make money online it is a really good idea that you look at these opportunities. They are very unique, very realistic, and could be just what you’ve been searching for.

This article is contributed by Priya N. who is blogging at Jobs8Home. She writes on make money & blogging tips on her blog. She also provides training on SEO & blogging. You can follow he on Google+.

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