The Snappening: SnapChat hacked, thousands of nude photos leaked online

Just like The Fappening nude photos of thousands of Hollywood celebrities were leaked on 4chan. – Now Hackers have selected the same notorious 4chan /b/ board to expose explicit images and videos of SnapChat users and dubbed it as The Snappening.

The nude images of SnapChat users have been circulating over the Internet since last night.

The hackers behind the leak claim they have hacked over 100,000 private Snapchat photos – using a third-party service that saves images. In a warning message hackers threatened to release more nude images later on.


In January 2014, SnapChat was hacked where phone numbers and usernames of over 4.6M users were leaked online. In an other report it was claimed that SnapChat app or its servers were compromised, providing hackers an access to 13GB of private SnapChat files saved by a third-party SnapChat client app. (Remember user were lied that SnapChat never saves any image or video.)

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SnapChat in a statement has denied that it was hacked and blamed users for using unauthorized third-party apps.

“We can confirm that Snapchat’s servers were never breached and were not the source of these leaks,’ a Snapchat representative said in a statement. “Snapchatters were victimised by their use of third-party apps to send and receive Snaps, a practice that we expressly prohibit in our Terms of Use precisely because they compromise our users’ security. We vigilantly monitor the App Store and Google Play for illegal third-party apps and have succeeded in getting many of these removed.”

The damage has been done considering the age of a typical SnapChat user is between 13 to 17. So unfortunately most of the images belong to teenagers. 4chan users have already downloaded the files and are creating a searchable database that will allow people to search the stolen images by Snapchat username.


This is how the database looks like:


According to a report from another site, it has been claimed that the third party app which was hacked is Snapsave. The Android app allows users to save images and videos even after deletion from SnapChat.

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We at HackRead request teenagers to stop using such apps and avoid taking photos that can put them in problem. SnapChat has a history of security flaws – It was hacked in past, lied about keeping your data and the way it is going, it will be hacked again and again.

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