3D Printed Guns Could Be Armed With Steel-Reinforced Bullet

3d steel bulletIt is more or less a well known fact by now that 3D printed guns could be a potential threat to the lives of many, especially when it can be smuggled into a Parliament sitting. Well, gun enthusiasts themselves have not really taken to a 3D printed gun too fondly, simply because it is made out of plastic materials and can be attributed to less powerful ammunition, relatively speaking, compared to a regular firearm. Every problem does look set to have a solution, and according to Wired, 25-year old Michael Crumling from Pennsylvania stepped up with a “solution”, which would be the design of bullets that make use of a rather thick, steel shell.

This steel shell is touted to be rigid enough to be able to hold off the blast from within, without causing it to spread force to the rest of the firearm. So far, Crumling has seen success when it comes to testing out live rounds of his ammunition, which in turn has been nicknamed .314 Atlas. How did he test out this ammunition? Simple, really, by using it on a 3D-printed gun which he created.

Crumling shared, “Basically it removes all the stresses and pressures from the 3-D printed parts. You should be able to fire an unlimited number of shots through the gun without replacing any parts other than the shell.”

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