Apple Files Patents For Interconnected Sensor System

iwatch patent filingWhen it comes to patents, Apple happens to be one of the companies that are extremely active in filing and amassing them, which include a potential weightlifting tracker in the upcoming rumored iWatch, or a smart cover with integrated LEDs. It seems that Cupertino is not content to stop just there, as the USPTO has recently revealed three more patent applications that were filed by Apple. All three come with the December 14, 2012 date, and they touch on features that would seem more at home on the rumored iWatch than anything else.

It is said that the iWatch wearable timepiece is currently being trialed, and if all goes well, it ought to be slated for an October launch later this year. One of the patent filings do point to sensors that are located on an iPhone as well as on a wrist-worn device, where these sensors have the ability to figure out whether the wearer’s pulse is starting to race, even when the wearer remains stationary.

As for the rest of the sensors, these tend to figure out whether the user happens to be indoors, and a pattern recognition system will then perform all the relevant processing to arrive at a conclusion that the wearer is pounding the stationary pavement, so to speak, on a treadmill.

As for the other patent, it can track the pattern of a person who makes a minimal amount of movement after 11pm. Should this person set a “Do Not Disturb” mode with an alarm to follow suit, then the system’s best guess is the person is sleeping and let him or her be. Last but not least, the third application of the lot will handle missed notifications. Hopefully when the fabled iWatch is released to the masses, all will be known and revealed.

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  • By Edwin Kee