Budapest Sets New Record For Tallest LEGO Tower

tallest-lego-tower-budapest.jpg This is the 114-foot LEGO tower built in Budapest, Hungary. It beats the previous record holder (that was built by a bunch of schoolchildren) by a little over a foot. What I don't understand is why did they only beat the record by a foot? If I set out to build the world's tallest LEGO tower I am going to build it at LEAST twice as tall as the previous record. Then send a note to the old record holder that reads, "And I would have made it even taller but I was worried if I did it WOULDN'T FIT UP YOUR ASS. HAHA, SUCK IT!" I am a poor sport. Actually, the worst sport. I am golf. Keep going for a video explaining how the tower is going to promote tourism, despite being disassembled today.