Cat Trained To Use Human Toilet Still Not Very Good At It

cat-toilet-fail.jpg This is a video of Edner the all white cat trying to use a human toilet. Because what proud cat owner doesn't want footage of their feline companion dropping a deuce in a crapper? The only problem is, Edner sucks at it and shits right on the floor. Then jumps down and smells it, then tries to cover it with imaginary litter. Probably not the video the owner was hoping for. The one I was praying for, absolutely. So, the next time somebody asks you if you can teach an old dog new tricks, you can tell them you've seen a cat shit on the floor trying to crap in a human toilet. Then tap your head and say, "Think about it," before walking away. That night over dinner, they'll tell their family they met the smartest person in the world today. Keep going for nine seconds of whatever, I've done that before.