Chatbot Beats Turing Test, Successfully Tricks 1 Out Of 3 Humans Into Thinking It’s A Person

alan-turing-statue.jpg A Russian chatbot named Eugene Goostman has successfully become the first artificial intelligence system to beat the Turing Test and convince more than 30% of the humans it chatted with that it was human as well. I would have never fallen for that. Hello. "Hello." IT'S A ROBOT -- IT'S A F***ING ROBOT.
"Eugene" and four other computerized contenders took part Saturday at the Turing Test 2014 Competition at the Royal Society in London. Each chatterbox was required to engage in a series of five-minute text-based conversations with a panel of judges. The rules stipulate that a computer passes the test if it is mistaken for a human more than 30% of the time. Eugene managed to convince 33% of the judges it was human, the only machine-contender at the competition - indeed, if the event's independent verifiers are to be believed, the only machine-contender in history - to do so.
First of all, the percentage of people fooled to be considered a success should be much higher. I could easily trick 30% of people of almost ANYTHING. I'm not sure how these judges' intellect compares to the general population, but I've watched my roommate spend well over an hour trying to convince a lady chatbot to send him a naked picture of herself. Obviously it never happened, so I printed out a whole page of 1's and 0's and left it in the printer. When he found it he asked what it was and I told him it looked like the binary code for a racy photograph. I'm pretty sure he's masturbated to it by now. Thanks to everyone who sent this, half of which were convinced this heralds the beginning of the end (which it does), the other half of which were hoping it will lead to a price-cut to the cost of joining chat-based wack-off websites.
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