DIY Web-Shooter To Complement Your Cyclops Ruby Quartz Visor

An idle mind might be the devil’s workshop, but there are times when idle minds end up as the hotbed of innovation, the “Eureka!” moment, so to speak. Well, for those of you who cannot get enough of modern day CGI that makes it possible for movies to turn our favorite comic books into reality, then here is Patrick Priebe’s proof-of-concept web-shooter that belongs to the one and only, the amazing Spider-Man.

Patrick Priebe might be no Peter Parker, but this does not mean he isn’t handy with his hands and agile mind. Priebe also happens to be the very same person who came up with this DIY laser visor that allows you to “shoot” laser beams in the direction you’re looking at, where your imagination will get the rest of the job done. The web-shooter features three in-glove buttons, where it is controlled in the same manner as that of its comic book counterpart. One of the buttons would charge the device, while the other fires a projectile, with the third launching the retractable brass-tipped harpoon that replaces Spidey’s super strong webs. A 350 volt battery will power this bad boy, but don’t worry about the harpoon’s impact as it is not even strong enough to skewer a styrofoam block.

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