Dog With Only Two Front Legs Running On The Beach

2-legged-boxer.gif This is a video of Duncan the boxer running on the beach. Duncan was born with severely deformed back legs, so his adoptive family had them amputated. And now he has learned to run with just his front two legs. Cool, but I'd still want some back wheels if I was him. "Vroom vroom, bitches!" -- Duncan the Boxer (with wheels)
For those who said I was an animal abuser for removing his severely deformed legs to give him a chance, for those who sent me hate mail and doubted this boy, suggesting we should just euthanize him - you are wrong. Thank goodness this baby boy landed in our loving home!
Regardless of how you feel about Duncan's condition, after watching that video of him on the beach there is no doubt in my mind that he could outrun you. "He's cheating." Wow -- accusing a two-legged dog of cheating? It's like you're always on the lookout for ways to be even more of an @$$hole. Keep going for the full video.