Dreams Do Come True: A Giant Boobie Bounce House

mammary-bounce-house.jpg This is a giant boobie bounce house. It's one of the attractions at the NYC Museum Of Sex's exhibit, 'FUNLAND: Pleasures and Perils of the Erotic Fairground'. I have never been to an erotic fairground before. Most of the fairgrounds I have been to have been lined with funnel cake vomit. Plus no matter how many time I tried I could never win a goldfish. One year I even got kicked out for licking a butter sculpture of a goose. Have I ever told you when I was a kid I could eat a whole stick of butter like a popsicle? *jiggling gut* Because I still can. Keep going for a video of people slow-motion jumping around in the thing just in case you needed to see that. Sorry, no word if they rent the bounce house out for orgies.