Facebook Paper App For iOS Updated

fb-paper-updateFacebook has just announced a major update to its iOS app, where it claims that there are new features thrown into the mix, including the likes of new story buttons, notifications, and photo comments, among others. Facebook’s Paper App was first introduced to the world at the end of January before it hit the iOS platform in the next month. After 2 months of use, Facebook Paper has “grown up” to arrive at version 1.1.

Facebook Paper 1.1 is an upgrade that will enable users to access specifically woven social content in a cleaner and less cluttered environment. The features club would be on the receiving end of new additions such as birthdays and events notifications. Birthday and event news are now embedded in the globe icon located on the top of the Facebook page, instead of being part of the news feed.

Apart from that, photo comments too, have been thrown into the mix, where users are able to attach a photo to the comment thread of a post. This feature happens to be rather popular with the web version, and according to Michael Reckhow, product manager for Facebook, “Photo comments are something we added to Facebook not too long ago, and we found that it’s now something people can’t live without.”

How do you find your updated Facebook Paper experience on iOS been?

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