Final Fantasy IV Now On Steam

ff iv steam1Some time last week, we did mention the very real possibility of seeing Final Fantasy IV released on the PC platform, and here we are one week later with the answer to that question. Final Fantasy IV has indeed been released for the PC via Steam, and Square Enix wants to trumpet the fact that this particular version will be accompanied by full Steam Trading Card and Achievements support, which ought to make fans carve open a wide smile.

For those who can remember playing Final Fantasy IV on the SNES in the early 1990s, having seen the pioneering of the Active Time Battle System, surely a walk down memory lane is a more than welcome experience. One would be able to check out the memorable cast which comprises of Cecil, Kain Highwind and Rosa.

This Steam version will feature platform-specific features that does not feature in the 2006 re-release, and for $15.99 a pop, you will be able to enjoy a visual feast in the opening cinematics thanks to the folks over at Visual Works, quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records, better looking graphics, achievements and of course, Steam Trading Cards. Looks like Final Fantasy fans will be canceling their weekend outings and appointments with this release on Steam.

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