Finally, A Decent Cthulhu Inspired Font You Can Use

cthulhuian-font.jpg This is the Cthulhuian font created by DeviantARTist StapletonMcTavish. You can actually download the font as a TTF file HERE (link on the far right) and use it to type and print out cryptic messages to your roommates. "Hey GW -- what's this one say?" It says buy more chocolate milk. "And this one?" Don't forget trash day is Fridays now. "What about this long one?" I'm going to murder you and grill your heart as a sacrifice to the Great Old Ones. "Seriously?!" Hell no bro, I just pounded my head on the keyboard for awhile -- relax. "But...the knife in you hand." HAIL CTHULHU! *stab stab stab* Thanks to c-note and Alexandra, who only type in wingdings.