Gamer Petitions Nintendo To Port Super Smash Bros. Onto PS Vita

supersmashbros 3dsWe know that Nintendo is very, very protective of their franchise and we know how resistant they are when it comes to the idea of releasing their games on other platforms. Many have urged Nintendo to release their titles on other platforms such as mobile, but the Japanese company has steadfastly refused.

That being said, one Super Smash Bros. fan has decided to try his luck anyway. David Smith has recently created a petition on in which he is demanding that Nintendo bring Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS onto the PS Vita. According to his petition, “Many of us Sony fans don’t want to buy an underpowered console like the Nintendo 3DS, but we would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros.”

Also instead of trying to appeal to Nintendo from a fan point of view, Smith has introduced the idea of a possible antitrust lawsuit. “Not only would it be benefical [sic] for both fans and Nintendo, but probably also REQUIRED by US anititrust law, since Nintendo has a monopoly on games like Smash Bros. by virtue of having no competing title.”

So far there seems that there are around 700 signatures, although we’re not sure how many signed just for the heck of it. We doubt the petition will get any traction, but if anything it is a very public message to Nintendo that they have fans willing to play their games, just not on their platform.

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