Garmin Approach S6 Could Improve Your Golf Game

garmin approach s6In most games, the higher the score, the better as that would mean your team is ahead of the opponent. However, some games or sports would require lower figures, such as timing in a race or swim, or the number of strokes in a game of golf. Golf aficionados are always on the lookout for different ways to reduce one’s number of strokes, and here is the Garmin Approach S6 which might just help you improve your game further.

The Garmin Approach S6 can be said to be a digital golf coach that is worn around the wrist, where integrated motion sensors as well as a built-in accelerometer will allow the Garmin Approach S6 to analyze your game, as it goes about measuring the speed and power of your swing.

The Approach S6 itself boasts of more than 30,000 courses which can be referred to on its full color touchscreen display, and thanks to integrated GPS, it can pinpoint just where you are. With the “PinPointer” feature, you will gain assistance in lining up with the hole, as the Approach S6 informs you on your proximity to a sand trap or water hazard. It also synchronizes with your iPhone 4s or newer via Bluetooth, letting you read incoming emails and texts on the Approach S6 itself.

Expect the waterproof (up to 164 feet) Garmin Approach S6 to retail for $399.99 a pop.

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